Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paper Flower Grows!

Did anyone know that paper flower grow? Mine did.

A while ago, through the Creative Every Day, I stumbled upon a wonderful blog - Paint Myself Pretty by Cameron. I was impressed by some of Cam's mixed media artworks which give "words" in old book pages new meaning (like this one here.)

Then later on, she posted about her hand made "Paperback Page Flower". I found them lovely and told Cam that I could see myself wearing it. I had no idea that Cam took this to her heart and offered to make one in my favourite color.

It wasn't long before I got an email from Cam that she was sending me the paper flower clip. I was thrilled to receive such clever and beautiful hand made gift. Since then, I've been expecting a small package to arrive at my post box. And lo behold, the paper flower grew into goodies which filled up a BIG BOX! (Cam called it the pick-me-up care box with my name hand drawn on it!) :D

Here are some photos of the goodies.

The Paper Flower Clip which grows.

(I clip it on my black suede shopper bag which I use to carry my sketch pad, pens and pencils everywhere. I'll also be wearing the clip on my jacket as soon as the weather is cool enough.)

Goodies in gift wrap

Goodies unwrapped

The goodies include a hand written letter from Cam, Cam's original art cards, Cam's original notebook (with one of her artworks as cover), sticker sheets and a paint it yourself mushroom, which is the cutest thing in the world! It is now sitting on my desk next to my mushroom stamp.

I love all the goodies not only of their loveliness. I appreciate and enjoy greatly the care and thoughts which Cam put into each one of them.

This entire experience reminds me that there is genuine kindness in the world and that we're never alone.

This is also an example of what blogging could bring to one's life - connection and friendship.

Thank you Cam for being such a wonderful and loving person!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Color Project

After much thinking, numerous deep breathing and putting on extra thick human skin, I've send off 3 of my drawings to The Color Project hosted by The Art House Co Op (USA).

For The Color Project (Red) - my submission is "The Rose Thief"

For The Color Project (Blue) - my submission is "Hostage"

For The Color Project (Yellow) - my submission is "The Hoarder"

* You could read and see these drawings from my earlier posts here, here and here. *

These drawings will be shown in an exhibition under the same title "The Color Project" on 21/05/2010 at Brooklyn Art Library. A book will also be published to include all artworks submitted to the project.

Art House Co Op is a community based art organization. Their goal is to promote art, hence they do not "judge" any artworks or artists. They believe art should be accessed by everyone. There are free to participate projects and pay to participate projects (like The Color Project). Please check out their site to join in upcoming projects. (I've just joined project "the dreams I dream about".)

I'm very aware of where I am at my drawings. I'm just a beginner and still have tonnes to learn. May be I should not send off my artworks to anything at all, but I have these ideas about submission.

- To create an anchor for me to focus on finishing a drawing. Otherwise, I'll sit on it forever.

- It's my way to understand what it means to have an artwork exhibit. (Though it's in the States and not in my home country, I reckon I could still get a feel of it! Hmm ... am I making sense??)

- Being an independent /self taught / part-time creative, I need to create and find my own opportunities. No one is going to invite me for an exhibition and ask about my work ... at least at this stage.

- To widen my creative network and continue to make connection with other creatives

- And of course, there's always that little bit of vanity and instant gratification going on.

This submission of mine is in no way to undermine any artists for their hard earn skill and reputation in their fields. It is my way to try to find a footing in the vast art world.

I'd like to make use of this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me all this time. Without you, I would never ever realized the artist in me and would never dream of submitting my artwork for an exhibition. Each one of you is my inspiration and role model to take my art further.

My very very humble thanks. xxoo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quiet Time & Cameron's Giveaway

Not mean to be this quiet but got a few things going on which takes up time. Hope to get back to blogland soon!

Cameron, a talented multi-media artist, is having a Birthday Giveaway, check it out here! Make sure you check out her original artworks (at her blog) which give the "words" in old book pages new meaning.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free Doll Template from Linda

Linda aka Tortagialla is an emerging artist located in Italy. She experiments with different art forms and the images she creates are always sunny and happy. She is also a very generous blogger who creates interesting template for occasional free download.

And what a coincident that her latest free template is a doll (mannequin) one! Go to read her
latest post and you'll find the link to the doll template.

Thank you Linda!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"Jake", ink on paper, 30 cm (H) x 21cm (W)

Mist and petals dance around the Horned One ...
He forbids me to go into the woods ...

But his sweet voice lingers in my ears ...

Years and years ago, before my big discovery that I could draw, I bought two artist mannequins. (The one you could get from most art supplies stores.) One male and one female. They were about 30cm in height.

Well, this might sound strange and weird to you. But in the hands of a little nutter like me, the mannequins became something else.

I talk to them lots of time, especially if I have a bad day in the office. I would pretend they are either my most sympathetic friends who listen endlessly to my pathetic complaints, or h/she is my boss and I'll argue with h/her until h/she agrees with my proposal. Oh, yes, at times, it gets a bit physical. I'll keep "adjusting" their limbs til my steam is all gone.

At one stage, I thought about painting them with colors. But knowing myself, I would get bored with things quite easily. And as soon as I got sick and tired of something (mostly objects, not real people), I either give them away or leave them on the shelf to gather dust. I decided against it and leave them "nude" all these years.

Over Easter break, while I was moaning my personal issues to them, I found myself looking at them in a new way (an artist way!?) It then dawned on me they could be the subjects of my drawing! I think they have potentials to become a major art project for the year. I've already got a few ideas spinning in my tiny head. But then, this also depends on how my drawing skill is going to improve over time. But hey, no try no gain! We'll see.

AND my little mannequins not only become a painting, they lure the sleepy writer out of me. I spent last night thinking about Jake and his story. Nothing major, nothing big ... but I had a blast!

My dear fellow creatives and bloggers, what do you think of Jake?