Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spring is Coming

Usually I would be working on the cuts on Sunday but not today!

I worked too hard on a cut last night that my neck, shoulders and fingers are still in ache. I'm putting my feet up and have a cuppa at my wild backyard.

Lo and behold, when did all these little daisies came out?  I think Spring is on the way!


Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Cutting Board

Finished this cut at 2:00 am last night (or very early this morning) ...

My fingers and arms were aching.  My back was hurting like hell!  But it's worth all the pains and the hours I put in.

The board is created from my fascination of marine animals and plants.  I reckon they have the most amazing looks and structure.

20120818 Marine Life

It takes hours to go through the tentacles (??) of the jellyfishes, I mean both in drawing and cutting, but I love every bits of it.

20120818 Jellyfish CU 1

20120818 Jellyfish CU 2

20120818 Marine Life CU

20120818 Marine LIfe CU 2

I hope you all enjoy this cut.

On the side, after years of lusting and looking at pictures of professional artist storage place for papers and artwork, I finally got these beautiful drawing cabinets!  They made me feel so (ahem) "professional", hahaha!

20120818 Drawing Cabinets

Have a wonderful week and stay creative!  :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bones (on colored background)

As promised, a different version of the bones cutting board on colored background.

20120802 Bones and Skulls on pine background

20120803 Skulls on pine bg CU 2

20120803 Skulls on pine bg CU 3

20120803 Skulls on pine bg CU 1

I also like this positive cut of the skull with hanging plants.  Just on its own, it has the power to draw the viewer in and have the viewer imagining what the skull looks like.  Or in my case, I have a different reaction to the cut.  I feel like the animal is staring right at me ... as if it's asking me for something.

20120730 Skull w hanging plants

That's about it for now.  Have a nice weekend!  xxoo

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Cutting Board

Making this board is fun as there is no rules.  The assemble is done at the spur of the moment.

20120802 Bones and Skulls

All the skull work turned out better than I thought.  I'm quite pleased with myself ! :)

20120731 Skull in bell jar

20120730 Skull w hanging plants on white bg

20120801 Skull w holes

20120802 Bones CU 1

Another board of the same cuts on colored background will be posted tomorrow. Stay tune! :)

Cheers and stay creative!  xxoo