Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christams Time

My dear fellow bloggers and creatives,

I'm taking an early Christmas break, hence instead of offering you my usual sketchbook page, I'm giving you something sparkly.

20111216 X'mas LIght 2

Lighting candles at night throughout December month is my personal Christmas tradition.  And here is the one I specially lit for you!  You all have been so supportive and wonderful to my creative venture.  And you had helped me to get better at each of my sketching and painting.  THANK YOU!

20111216 2011 X'mas Light

This year has been a challenging one for me. Both health and work place issues had grind me down a fair bit.  I'm hoping with the new year, things will shape up.  I so need the energy and focus on my creative projects.

See you all in 2012 and wishing you a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hybrid J xxoo

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What's in My Sketchbook?

I drew up a lone tree in my sketchbook a few weeks ago and had been thinking of what to do with it.

Then an idea struck me after I put up my Christmas tree on 1st December.  I drew / painted some moss like string web with little white balls hanging from the lone tree.  Then I painted the background with darker color which reminded me of winter night.  And there you go ...

20111129 Lone X'mas Tree

20111129 Tree

20111129 Tree CU2

It is interesting how the things in our life inspire our creativity.  And I hope you enjoy this little imaginary Christmas Tree of mine! :)

The sketch is also for Paint Party Friday (which I'm late for my entry this week) - hosted by Eva and Kristin.  All are welcomed!  Do join in to share and support each other!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What's in My Sketchbook?

I found myself thinking of butterfly pupa a lot lately.

Did you know that the process of a pupa turning into a butterfly is called "Metamorphosis"?  The little caterpillar inside the pupa basically breaks down to an almost liquid form so the cell could re-grow into a butterfly.

I wonder if this is related to my recent workplace drama.  I'm definitely watching my mind spinning and twirling with loads and loads of images.

Here are the butterflies ...(still working with acrylic washes)

20111120 Butterflies

20111120 Butterflies CU 1

20111120 Butterflies CU 2

(The sketch is also for Paint Party Friday - hosted by Eva and Kristin.  All are welcomed!  Do join in to share and support each other!)

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!