Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's In My Sketch Book?

I have always love “botanical Illustration”, especially those from the Victorian period.  A lot of them were drawn by naturalists as they explored new land (like my beloved Aussieland!).

The drawings the naturalists done were mostly of watercolour with beautiful line work.  They captured the plant so beautifully and still maintained the correct anatomical form of the species for scientific research purposes.

Of course, my sketch /drawing / watercolour skills are no where near the naturalists, but I think I’d give it a try.

Here is a little flower sketch work for your musing. :)

20110905 Flower 2

20110905 Flower CU

Apart from dealing with the health issue, there have been major upheavals in my work place that it's affecting other aspects of my personal life.  In other words to say, I've been feeling out of sort or maybe more accurately, I'm burnt out!!!

What more better to do when the going gets tough, the tough go blog surfing ...

I came across an interesting blog button when visiting Sadee's place.  I followed the link to find out about Creative Courage.  I took it as synchronicity at work and enrolled to the e-Course later that day.  (Yeap, it's as if I have hours and hours of free time and boundless energy ...)

Creative Courage is a 7-week e-Course hosted by Stephanie Levy.  The course is not related to any art making skills but to deal with the foundation of all creative venture.

To quote Stephanie's own words about the course: 

"Creative Courage is a seven week e-course that will give you inspiration, tools, and resources to help you realize your creative dreams.  It is designed as a practical guide to help you find, clarify, and follow your unique, creative path." 

The course just started and I'm slowly feeling its effect on me.  Hopefully it will help to sort out some creative issues that I've had since I started to draw and paint.

I'm taking a big breath and dive into the abyss ...  

Til then, my dear fellow bloggers and creatives, have a lovely weekend!

(The sketch is also for Paint Party Friday - hosted by Eva and Kristin.  All are welcomed!  Do join in to share and support each other!)

Friday, September 23, 2011

What's In My Sketch Book?

Currently, my city (Melbourne) is holding the King Tutankhamun exhibition.  I have booked a ticket on May to see it but had to do a last minute cancellation due to the injury.  Fortunately, the exhibition is to last til early December, there is still time for me to visit.

When I cancelled my visit, I was quite upset as I have always been fascinated by the Egyptian Mythology.  They are full of wondrous imageries – a rich reservoir for imagination and creativity.

And because of this frustration, I found myself thinking (and even dreaming!) of one of the key symbol in Egyptian mythology constantly.  So it was only natural that I made a sketch of it.

20110726 Beetle

 Scarab Beetle, symbol of Sun God, Khepri (see details in link here). 

And when I was working on it, I was also drawn to the idea of the 16th century’s Curiosity Cabinet.  I imagined I was looking into one of Athanasius Kircher’s cabinet for the Pharoah’s Golden Beetle.

20110726 Beetle (Blurred) 2

Instead of following the rule of perfectly preserved specimen from the cabinet, I made the beetle a “broken” one.  I don’t quite know why.  Something about an imperfect beetle made sense to me.  I wanted to scope it up in my palm and told “him” that he was beautiful.  (Hmm … you can see how the hybrid mind is working, hahaha!)

20110726 Beetle CU

Anyway, that’s all for this week’s sketchbook.  Hope you like it!

Cheers and have a wondrous weekend!

(The sketch is also for Paint Party Friday - hosted by Eva and Kristin.  All are welcomed!  Do join in to share and support each other!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

What's in My Sketchbook?

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone’s well wishes for my recovery.  Your lovely words had warmed my heart greatly.

Secondly, I appreciate all your encouragement, advice and tips on acrylic blending.  They were all helpful.  It also led me to a new insight of my approach to acrylic and existing watercolour work.  (More about it later …)

*                                   *                                   *

For this week, another seascape for you …

20110719 Seascape

(You can see that the sea is still working its charm on me!)

What do we have this time?

20110709 Seascape CU

A sea sponge, kelp like underwater plant … Ahh, and it looks like there’s a sea creature joining us as well!  Anyone has any idea what it is?  Love to hear of your thoughts. ;)

20110709 Seascape CU 2

20110716 Crytals and Sea Sponges

(The sketch is also for Paint Party Friday - hosted by Eva and Kristin.  All are welcomed!  Do join in to share and support each other!)

Cheers and have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 9, 2011

What's in My Sketchbook?

Am I back to the creative land?  Kind of …

Health issue remains an ongoing struggle.  While tackling the body aches & pain on a daily basis, I’ve been slowly going back to drawing and sketching.  And during the break, I’ve been learning and practicing acrylic blending techniques (without success!!!)  ARrrrrGggggHhhhh …

So for now, acrylic is NOT my friend!  I have no clue how to “befriend” it.  But then, I’m not giving it up yet.  I keep thinking if other people could do it, there is no reason why I can’t.  I might not be the most intelligent person but definitely not stupid.

Alright enough of the rant … here is another sketch book page for your review.

I’m still totally engulfed by the sea and its creature!

This time the mighty sea sent in the shells and a sea sponge.

20110629 Shells, Starfish, Sea Sponge

20110629 Shell CU 2

20110629 Shell CU

20110629 Sea Sponge CU

And when I finished the sketch, I realized that I’ve never seen sea sponge painting before.  Did you know of anyone who paints sea sponges and / or put them together with shells?  If yes, I would appreciate if you could drop me a line or pass me a link to check out.  Nothing serious, I’m just being curious.

(The sketch is also for Paint Party Friday - hosted by Eva and Kristin.  All are welcomed!  Do join in to share and support each other!)

Also I have joined Jane Davenport’s online course, Supplies Me, to gain more knowledge of drawing & painting girls.  Check out the detail here!

Cheers and have a fantastic weekend!