Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Instagram, Webstagram & Troubleshooting

While I'm tackling the New iPad being "hostile" to Blogger, here comes the new interface of Blogger.  Arrrgggghhhh!

I'm sure (yet again) all the frustration will pass and in the very near future, I'll be loving all these changes and wonder what all these fuss is about.

But at the mean time, I can't use my iPad to write any blog posts.  Viewing is no problem. I don't really know how or where to look for answers.  So if any one of you lovelies know the where, how or why, pls let me know.  It will be greatly appreciated.

On the upside of thing, I got myself into Instagram and you can view the pix from my Webstagram link.

Instagram offers very nifty filters for photo sharing and it is very easy to use.  I'm sure lots of you already heard of it or already using it, but if not, give it a try!

Cheers and have a lovely evening!  xxoo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's in My Sketchbook?

It looks like it's becoming a usual thing for me to start my blog post with an apology ...

Again I'm sorry for my absence.  This is all caused by the tidal wave called The New iPad. The fun aspect of it is so great that I haven't been doing any sketch pages at all.  But sooner or later I knew that I have to get back to the ride. I don't want to become an iPad Junkie!  Hahaha!

Here is a sketch page which I've done a few weeks ago, but never got around to upload and share it with you.


I've tried out a new way, Dripping Paint, to create the background.  (I know .... the method is not new, but it is something that I've never tried before, hence I called it new.)


Dripping paint is a quick and easy way to have large empty area covered by color.  To make it a bit more interesting, I wrote my text on the uncovered area.  I quite like the result of it.


Perhaps of early Autumn weather or my quirky sense of beauty, I found shrinking flower a unique subject to sketch / paint as well.

The sketch is also for Paint Party Friday - hosted by Eva and Kristin.  All are welcomed!  Do join in to share and support each other!

Monday, April 2, 2012

My NEW iPad

20120330 My New iPad

I'm practically wriggling with excitement when I used my brand spanking NEW iPad over the weekend.

20120330 My New iPad 2

20120330 My New iPad 4

The NEW iPad is my 1st step to join the Apple family.  And while I'm still saving up for an iMac, I going to see if I could just rely on the iPad and iCloud to become total PC free!  (Anyone who has tips and tricks on how to do this, do share!)

20120330 My New iPad Engraved

To commemorate this magnificent event, I had the New iPad engraved with one of My Fundamentals! ;)

20120330 My New iPad Case
iPad Sleeve from kikki.K

OMG, I think I just became a freaking Mac Girl! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE:  This is NOT an advertisement for Apple or iPad.  It's just me going 100% overboard ...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

ME Shadow

This is my very first official selfies (self portrait). 

20120330 Me Shadow B&W

As you can see I'm not ready to put my face on blogland (yet), however, I'm showing you a significant part of me - ME Shadow. ;)

20120330 Me Shadow 2A B&W

I've only been paying attention to shadows since I started to learn to draw and paint about 2 years ago.  To paint / draw shadow of an object helps to create and express the three dimensions of the object.  It is with this in mind that I started to look at shadows in a totally different way. I began to marvel how much information a shadow holds about the real object.  Even abstract shadow shapes have whole new worlds reside in them.  And of course, there's always Jung's famous Shadow Self.

20120330 Me Shadow 2 B&W

And I have to say I quite enjoy the in the picture self portrait project.  From one of the selfies I took for the project, I found one perfect for my dashboard photo. Yeah!

While I was taking these little selfies, I remembered all the wonderful comments I got from the photography of my sketchbook pages (links here & here).  I realized that it was only natural that I wanted to expand my casual (i.e. no training) photography skills and horizon.

O.k. I'm LOVING this!

The selfies is for in the picture.  Come join us for a wonderful journey through out the year! xxoo