Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Instagram, Webstagram & Troubleshooting

While I'm tackling the New iPad being "hostile" to Blogger, here comes the new interface of Blogger.  Arrrgggghhhh!

I'm sure (yet again) all the frustration will pass and in the very near future, I'll be loving all these changes and wonder what all these fuss is about.

But at the mean time, I can't use my iPad to write any blog posts.  Viewing is no problem. I don't really know how or where to look for answers.  So if any one of you lovelies know the where, how or why, pls let me know.  It will be greatly appreciated.

On the upside of thing, I got myself into Instagram and you can view the pix from my Webstagram link.

Instagram offers very nifty filters for photo sharing and it is very easy to use.  I'm sure lots of you already heard of it or already using it, but if not, give it a try!

Cheers and have a lovely evening!  xxoo

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