Friday, November 25, 2011

What's in My Sketchbook?

It's been a long while since my last post and I'm very sorry for missing sooooo long ...

The last couple of weeks have been a very difficult time for me

As a result of workplace re-structure, I came to a sudden realization of being the "aging" staff in the workplace.  Though the company has used every rational & logical reasons to ask me to step down, I knew the truth behind all the sweet talk.

The process had brought out lots of angst, frustration and emotional pain that I've never anticipated.  It also brought out a great urge to take stock of my life.  Hence, you'll understand the reasons for my absence. 

Anyway, enough of the personal drama and let's see what I got for you this week-

20111106 Bones

another sketch of bones.  (You can see that I'm really obsessed with bones, right?  Hahaha!)

20111106 Bones CU 1

20111106 Bones CU 2

20111106 Bones CU 3

Again, this is another practice of using acrylic washes to paint.  The pix shows the color a lot paler than the original as I picked light color scheme for this little work.  I knew I should start using watercolor paper for the practice but I want to finish this sketch book (total of 50 pages) as well.  I think I might need to speed things up so to move on. 

20111125 Antler

Two interesting things about this sketch:
  • the bones I picked are all from the hip region of a horse
  •  I prepared the sketch work while I was going through treatment of my degenerative hip.

I swore to you that I didn't know about it til I finished the entire work.  How fascinating our unconscious mind work?  ;)

I hope you enjoy the sketch and apologize for the personal rant.

Cheers and wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

(The sketch is also for Paint Party Friday - hosted by Eva and Kristin.  All are welcomed!  Do join in to share and support each other!)