Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Creative Life & Peony Rose Papercut

The fun part of being a self-employed creative is that I got to be my own boss! I could choose to work in the morning, late at night or not at all!  Sounds great!  Hmmm .... yes and no.

Yes - I have all the freedom and free time to do anything.

No - I have to be freaking good at self-motivation or I won't get anything done.

Right now, I have managed to maintain a daily schedule to work on my papercuts. But a lot of the time, I feel like I'm only going through the motion!

And I also thought my life would be filled with all sorts of interesting creative activities, like beach combing to get inspiration etc.  Nope! I spent most of my time at home in front of the cutting table or the TV. (God bless * Game of Thrones *!) Honestly, I go out because I need food or have to visit the doctors!  And I live only a stone throw away to the beach!!!

This is getting on my nerve big time!

Well I think I need to stop here otherwise this will turn into a self-obssessed rant.  But then it might not be a bad idea! ;)

Anyway, here is something that I've been working on in the last few weeks.

Peony Rose (30cm H x 21cm W of the image) (11 3/4" H x 8 1/4" W of the image)

CU - Peony Rose

CU - Peony Rose

Hope you enjoy the cut!

P.S. Apologize of the greyish tone of the photos.  I'm yet to get used to the day of the time to take good photos

P.P.S. If you're interested to see my daily progress with my work, please visit my instagram (@hybridj).  I post almost daily.  Thank You! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Life

Somewhere in Queensland

This is where I call home since last September.  I'm still trying hard to follow my new life direction.

My Beach

What new direction?  From being a full time worker to become a self-employed creative.  Very scary and I'm not sure if this is right for me.  But if I don't do it while I still can, should I wait til I retired.

Somewhere there's an old saying:  The best time to start is 20 years ago.  Next best time is NOW!  So here I am.