Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hybrid J Trivia 2011

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Back to April 2009, I had posted Hybrid J Trivia on my side bar and then forgotten all about it.  It was only til Kathyrn of Angelself (fellow participant of the Paint Party Friday) mentioned that she also liked Sashimi and Chai Latte.  I realized that people did read it.  So I think I'll write up a 2011 version. ;)

(in no particular order)

30)  Continued from last entry 29) I'm still addicted to Chai Latte.
31)  Zentangle inspired me to learn to draw and paint.
32)  I collected Artists' Links on my sidebar.  Do check them out!
33)  Currently I'm crazy about steel gray and charcoal gray.
34)  The sound of violin always makes me cry.
35)  I enjoy "swearing" in private and among close friends, a lot.
36)  I think I have a rather overactive mind.  (Note:  It is different to an imaginative mind. Hahaha!)
37)  I truly believe that I have great potential to be a good nature sociopath.  Ahem ... if such personality trait exists at all?!  But what the heck, I'm Hybrid, I'm the first of my kind!
39)  I was't into Comic when I was young, but now ...
40)  (Update of 28) I finally got a mobile phone with a camera (of 2.0 megapixel). ;)
41)  (Update of 27) I still don't have an iPod, but finally got a big LCD/LED TV last month.  YAY!!!! (I feel so up-to-date now!)
42)  I used to buy into everything Trinny and Susannah said about fashion, but now, I just wear what I want.
43)  It seems like I could never outgrow my passion of Dr Martens.
44)  Grow old but NEVER grow up.
45)  Drawing and painting turn my life upside down, in a good way!
46)  (Update of 8) Pepper is 14 years old now.  And he's 1/4 blind and 1/2 deaf but continues to behave like a puppy.
47)  Hard work and perseverance is far more important than talent.
48)  I have a gigantic soft spot of everything British.
49)  I have problem relating to my own age group but always feel an affinity to those who are (on average) 15 years younger than me.  Go figure!
50)  I miss my Dr Who (David Tenant)!
51)  I fall for every TV & movie adaptation of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens' novels.
52)  I've been watching Stargate (SG 1) TV series re-run for ages ...
53)  I'm practicing, as much as I could, to live a simple life.
54)  I'm not a social person.
55)  Solitude is like air and water to me.
56)  I seldom remember my dreams.
57)  Regret is a total waste of time and energy.
58)  Out of all the meal time, I love afternoon tea time the most.

Now, what about you, my dear fellow creatives and bloggers?  How about sharing some of your trivia as well.

Have a lovely day!


Barbara/myth maker said...

I enjoyed reading that! Will try to do one of my own someday, perhaps.

Cameron said...

I remember when I asked you what color flower you wanted...the answer was black or grey...haha! I think you'll be currently loving them for a long time...teehee :)

We relate (and quite well!)....and I bet you are not 15 years older than me ;P