Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Shading of a Girl

It's been a while since my last upload of one of my girl drawings.

Here is one after my third try on graphite shading.  Can't say if I'm pleased with it or not.  I'm sure there's always room for improvement, such as only after I sprayed it with fixative that I realized I didn't give her any ears!  I thought about adding the ears but somehow just felt that she didn't need one.  What do you think? ;)  Also it's difficult to give her a good nose job!  And if you start to pick up that I'm rather fond of "updo" hair style for my girls ... :D 

Now, let me be very honest here.  I have joined a few online girl drawing classes.  Each one of the tutors offer their own styles of girl images and different ways of drawing / painting the girls.  With these courses, my main goal is to learn the drawing and painting techniques only.  For the girl's "look", I'm trying hard to develop them from different references and work on it myself.

Here are the links to the various online classes.  Do check them out!

That's all for now my dear fellow bloggers and creatives.  Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Million Little Pictures Photomobile 2011

It is as if I have unlimited time for art making that I just signed up another Art House Co-Op project:  AMLP Photomobile.

After sign up (fee applies), participants will receive a disposable camera from Art House Co-Op.  The goal is to take 27 photos from a chosen theme. (Theme list to provide by Art House Co-Op.) Participants are required to send all the photos back to Art House where they'll join these photos together to form a new narrative.  So what begins as an individual personal experience will merge together to become ONE big story!

This is the first time I join in a photo project.  A bit nervous but also very excited!  My theme is Simplicity.

As usual, I encourage all fellow creatives and bloggers to join in.  The project is opened to everyone from everywhere!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Inactive Blogging = Active Art Pursuit

Though I have no new work to post, this is what I'm working on:

1)  Flipping through anatomy reference books to learn to draw body for my girl drawings.

2)  Practicing how to shade, color and paint my girls from online course / resource site / DVD.  A real struggle and it will be a while before I would have anything to post.

3)  Working on the Sketch Book Project 2011.  Will start posting some of the pages in the coming weeks. (For details, pls click the button on the side bar.)

4)  Very slowly savoring The Red Book by Carl Jung.  This is Jung's "personal (art) journal" where he develops his infamous theories on "archetypes", "the collective unconscious", and "the process of individuation".

(I'm kind of obsessed of Carl Jung's work and have been collecting his published work for a few years.)

"The Red Book" by Carl Jung
Hand drawn page by Carl Jung from "The Red Book"
Hand drawn page by Carl Jung from "The Red Book"

5)  "The Holeys":  Sitting inside the bottom drawer waiting to come out to play.

I'd like to say THANK YOU to those who leave comments in my blog.  You all are the driving forces which keep me going in this wondrous journey.  Without your continual support, I won't get this far!  :D