Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Million Little Pictures Photomobile 2011

It is as if I have unlimited time for art making that I just signed up another Art House Co-Op project:  AMLP Photomobile.

After sign up (fee applies), participants will receive a disposable camera from Art House Co-Op.  The goal is to take 27 photos from a chosen theme. (Theme list to provide by Art House Co-Op.) Participants are required to send all the photos back to Art House where they'll join these photos together to form a new narrative.  So what begins as an individual personal experience will merge together to become ONE big story!

This is the first time I join in a photo project.  A bit nervous but also very excited!  My theme is Simplicity.

As usual, I encourage all fellow creatives and bloggers to join in.  The project is opened to everyone from everywhere!


Evelyn said...

:) Sounds like fun. Will check it out.

WrightStuff said...

I saw this too but had to reign myself in a bit. I spread myself far too thin these days grabbing at every project going!!
I'm sure you'll do a fab job - nice theme too.

Debbie said...

sounds like fun! i am working on the sketchbook project and enjoying it. Its nice to "meet" you!