Monday, October 4, 2010

Inactive Blogging = Active Art Pursuit

Though I have no new work to post, this is what I'm working on:

1)  Flipping through anatomy reference books to learn to draw body for my girl drawings.

2)  Practicing how to shade, color and paint my girls from online course / resource site / DVD.  A real struggle and it will be a while before I would have anything to post.

3)  Working on the Sketch Book Project 2011.  Will start posting some of the pages in the coming weeks. (For details, pls click the button on the side bar.)

4)  Very slowly savoring The Red Book by Carl Jung.  This is Jung's "personal (art) journal" where he develops his infamous theories on "archetypes", "the collective unconscious", and "the process of individuation".

(I'm kind of obsessed of Carl Jung's work and have been collecting his published work for a few years.)

"The Red Book" by Carl Jung
Hand drawn page by Carl Jung from "The Red Book"
Hand drawn page by Carl Jung from "The Red Book"

5)  "The Holeys":  Sitting inside the bottom drawer waiting to come out to play.

I'd like to say THANK YOU to those who leave comments in my blog.  You all are the driving forces which keep me going in this wondrous journey.  Without your continual support, I won't get this far!  :D


EVA said...

Looks like you are keeping very busy in other ways! That Jung book looks incredibly intriguing! Expensive too (as I look it up on Amazon) - I may have to reactivate my Library card!

Looking forward to seeing your sketchbook! I've finished 3 page spreads in 3 weeks - going to have to ramp it up if I want to finish!

Cameron said...

Always striving....that's what you do....

I never worry when you don't have new work to post (thought I like to see them!) because I know you're still working on art in some way, shape or form :)
I know doing this makes you happy (though you doubt your talents) and that makes me happy, too!


WrightStuff said...

Oh don't mention that sketchbook - it feels like an albatross around my neck...pressure pressure - I can't settle on what to do in it!!

Anonymous said...

Oooo! I've leafed through that Anatomy for the Artist book as well. Such a beautiful book.

I hope you're enjoying your artistic pursuits!

Zom said...

Just today I have been writing in my art journal about the Red Book. I don't own it, have only heard of it, but it is fascinating me from afar. It looks amazing.

What would it be like to create one's own 'red book'?

thank you for visiting my blog. Your comment about my drawing took my breathe away. I am grateful, it was a deep confirmation.