Friday, October 26, 2012

The Cutting Board

While I was flipping through one of my favourite natural history book, a name caught my eyes and my imagination.

Have you heard of the Venus's Flower Basket?  It is a hexactinellid sponge.  The grow below 150m (500ft) below ocean and the Victorians used to collect them for display. From this I started to googled more images of the sponges and realized that I have to make some cuts for them.

20121026 Glass Sponges
Glass Sponges (28.5cm x 50.5cm / 11" x 19")

My cut is based on the general form of the glass sponges and Venus's Flower Basket.  The cut is not an exact replica of the sponges but my version of it.

20121026 Glass Sponges CU 1

20121026 Glass Sponges CU 2

20121026 Venus's Flower Basket
Venus's Flower Basket

20121026 Glass Sponges CU 3

And while working on the drawing of the sponges, I keep having these images of microscopic creatures swimming in the vast ocean. So what can you do when such fun creatures latch onto your creative mind.  You bring them to the world!

20121026 Microscopic Creatures
Microscopic Creatures

Hope you enjoy this cut!

Have a nice weekend and stay creative!