Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to Blogland ...

Hi to all my wonderful Creatives and Bloggers,

Been away from blogland for too long.

Reason(s): Well it is very easy to blame it on work place drama, health matter or anything. But I'd rather be honest and upfront. Simple reason for absence - I haven't been in the blogging mode lately. Sometimes, I just want to be quiet, feeling the pace of my life and be rid of things which became a bit of pressure to me!

I hope you won't find me being selfish, negligence or even being ignorant of all your support. I didn't! Just need some time off. :)

During the time off, I went back to the first love of my life. Don't get too excited, I'm not talking about a person here! I'm talking about my love of reading.

Out of the 6 books I read, I was greatly moved by the biography of Steve Jobs. Before the book, I knew nothing of Jobs and only viewed Apple computers and devices as just another piece of ... well computer gadgets. Since I finished the book, it has heightened my appreciation of the Apple products, the Apple Philosophy after the products and my admiration to Jobs as a visionary.

It is such a shame that I haven't enjoyed any Apple products while Jobs was still with us. :(

Anyway here is a short update of what I've been up to and also my own way of re-introducing myself back to blogging again.

Til then, take care (while I ease back to my weekly sketching / painting routine ...)