Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Shading of a Girl

It's been a while since my last upload of one of my girl drawings.

Here is one after my third try on graphite shading.  Can't say if I'm pleased with it or not.  I'm sure there's always room for improvement, such as only after I sprayed it with fixative that I realized I didn't give her any ears!  I thought about adding the ears but somehow just felt that she didn't need one.  What do you think? ;)  Also it's difficult to give her a good nose job!  And if you start to pick up that I'm rather fond of "updo" hair style for my girls ... :D 

Now, let me be very honest here.  I have joined a few online girl drawing classes.  Each one of the tutors offer their own styles of girl images and different ways of drawing / painting the girls.  With these courses, my main goal is to learn the drawing and painting techniques only.  For the girl's "look", I'm trying hard to develop them from different references and work on it myself.

Here are the links to the various online classes.  Do check them out!

That's all for now my dear fellow bloggers and creatives.  Have a wonderful day!


WrightStuff said...

You're doing brilliantly and certainly have captured your own unique style which I think is hard to do. I didn't notice missing ears, so wouldn't worry about that. Just use the descriptor "it's a stylised portrait" and you can get away with anything! I like drawing eyes over large so that's my excuse!!
I love what you did with the hair, there's lots of movement and texture there. Colour next??

Cameron said...

I like the intensity all your pretty little waifs that could kick butt if need be...haha!

...and you know, I didn't notice the missing ears either til you mentioned it :)

Noses are super hard....I think you did really well!! I agree w/ WrightStuff that some color would be amazing :)

EVA said...

Great to see you back and your new efforts. Very nice! Faces are indeed a challenge!

She looks very intense! I can just imagine a story she must have to tell!

How is the Red Book btw?

Chapter Forty said...

I love your shady girl's unusual eye shape. I also didn't notice her missing ears, but did take note of her long nose. (which gives her great character and interest) You have a definite and recognisable style which is something to be very proud of.

Leone said...

I really like this woman and her hair is lovely. I have been following your blog just keeping a low profile while I figured a few things out. Hope you are feeling better.

miruspeg said...

Hello dear friend it has been too long since I have visited you.:-(
I love your new blog, love the layout, the colours and the sidebar.
I too agree with the other comments I think your drawing is outstanding.
Keep shining....keep smiling.
Peggy xxxx