Monday, April 2, 2012

My NEW iPad

20120330 My New iPad

I'm practically wriggling with excitement when I used my brand spanking NEW iPad over the weekend.

20120330 My New iPad 2

20120330 My New iPad 4

The NEW iPad is my 1st step to join the Apple family.  And while I'm still saving up for an iMac, I going to see if I could just rely on the iPad and iCloud to become total PC free!  (Anyone who has tips and tricks on how to do this, do share!)

20120330 My New iPad Engraved

To commemorate this magnificent event, I had the New iPad engraved with one of My Fundamentals! ;)

20120330 My New iPad Case
iPad Sleeve from kikki.K

OMG, I think I just became a freaking Mac Girl! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE:  This is NOT an advertisement for Apple or iPad.  It's just me going 100% overboard ...


Crystal said...

From one mac girl to another....yipeeee! I have an ipad (number 1 however) a mac book and an iphone and wouldn't have it any other way!!! :-)

Cameron said...

I am so techno-challenged...I'm afraid I am of no help to you....but, I've seen what can be done with an iPad...and I am salivating, for sure!

Lucky Girl!!