Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Cutting Board

Finished this cut at 2:00 am last night (or very early this morning) ...

My fingers and arms were aching.  My back was hurting like hell!  But it's worth all the pains and the hours I put in.

The board is created from my fascination of marine animals and plants.  I reckon they have the most amazing looks and structure.

20120818 Marine Life

It takes hours to go through the tentacles (??) of the jellyfishes, I mean both in drawing and cutting, but I love every bits of it.

20120818 Jellyfish CU 1

20120818 Jellyfish CU 2

20120818 Marine Life CU

20120818 Marine LIfe CU 2

I hope you all enjoy this cut.

On the side, after years of lusting and looking at pictures of professional artist storage place for papers and artwork, I finally got these beautiful drawing cabinets!  They made me feel so (ahem) "professional", hahaha!

20120818 Drawing Cabinets

Have a wonderful week and stay creative!  :)


Kristin Dudish said...

I am fascinated by this new direction you're heading... Beautiful. So intricate & delicate... The bones in the post below are fantastic too :)


Leone said...

These are absolutely amazing. I am in awe of your talent.
I think I forgot to put the name of the artist that did the papercuts I sent you. I is Japan-born Yuken Teruya.

Lesley Myrick said...

Looove those cabinets! I've wanted some for a while...I think they're just beautiful (and practical too).

Hope you had a lovely weekend! xo

Evelyn Howard said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous. So are those storage drawers. Yes, very professional.

Cameron said...

I'm drooling over your cabinets!!

...and, my goodness, J!! Those cuts are abso-freakin' amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hybrid J!

It's been quite a while since I've commented here, but I've still been keeping an eye on your stuff. And can I just say that you're just getting better and better. This is absolutely beautiful. I've been really blown away by some of the cuttings you've been doing. Lovely work.

Sandrine Pelissier said...

Very original and well done! These cuts are very precise!Can I ask you what tool you are using?