Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paper Flower Grows!

Did anyone know that paper flower grow? Mine did.

A while ago, through the Creative Every Day, I stumbled upon a wonderful blog - Paint Myself Pretty by Cameron. I was impressed by some of Cam's mixed media artworks which give "words" in old book pages new meaning (like this one here.)

Then later on, she posted about her hand made "Paperback Page Flower". I found them lovely and told Cam that I could see myself wearing it. I had no idea that Cam took this to her heart and offered to make one in my favourite color.

It wasn't long before I got an email from Cam that she was sending me the paper flower clip. I was thrilled to receive such clever and beautiful hand made gift. Since then, I've been expecting a small package to arrive at my post box. And lo behold, the paper flower grew into goodies which filled up a BIG BOX! (Cam called it the pick-me-up care box with my name hand drawn on it!) :D

Here are some photos of the goodies.

The Paper Flower Clip which grows.

(I clip it on my black suede shopper bag which I use to carry my sketch pad, pens and pencils everywhere. I'll also be wearing the clip on my jacket as soon as the weather is cool enough.)

Goodies in gift wrap

Goodies unwrapped

The goodies include a hand written letter from Cam, Cam's original art cards, Cam's original notebook (with one of her artworks as cover), sticker sheets and a paint it yourself mushroom, which is the cutest thing in the world! It is now sitting on my desk next to my mushroom stamp.

I love all the goodies not only of their loveliness. I appreciate and enjoy greatly the care and thoughts which Cam put into each one of them.

This entire experience reminds me that there is genuine kindness in the world and that we're never alone.

This is also an example of what blogging could bring to one's life - connection and friendship.

Thank you Cam for being such a wonderful and loving person!


Cameron said...

As I said was my pleasure! I had so much fun selecting things I thought you'd like, use and needed.

I did it out of friendship, with no expectations...but to have you be so appreciative and even blog about it, makes me blush and giggle even more :) Thank you!


linda said...

Wow, how lovely! It definitely is amazing how we can connect through our blogs and online, to anyone in the world. It's fantastic!

miruspeg said...

What a lovely selection of goodies, you are a lucky girl Hybrid!
I have connected with Cam as well and feel blessed to have found another beautiful soul.

Peggy xxxx