Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Day Has Come ...

I knew from the day when I first started to draw, my lack of both drawing and painting skill will eventually caught up on me.

After I finished "Jake" and as much as I wanted to soldier on, I've had some funny nagging feelings.

There was no lack of drawing ideas, but it became harder and harder to bring them onto paper. I would have this rather clear image of a drawing in my mind, but my hands refused to do the work.

There was a huge gap occurred during the transmission of idea.
I would find myself wanting to draw an object facing directly to me but after hours and hours of drafting, the bloody damned thing still appeared to me sitting on its side!

Something's wrong with my eyes? But it can't be. I just had my eyes checked and they were working perfect. (Well, the actual comment from the optometrist is: Your eyesight is working normal as per your age group. Ahem, what does it mean?)

I had a "hunch" of what was going on. But before jumping onto any conclusion, I decided to try one more thing.

I was to "copy" some drawings to see if it will improve my drawing skills. So I picked a small plant drawing from one of my reference books and began to copy it onto my sketch book. Easy right? Nope!

Though I got the general outline of the small plant right, everything else (i.e. branches, leaves etc) was wonky. Yes, I did draw a small plant but it didn't look like the one in the reference book.

This proved that my "hunch" was right. The ability to draw is more than the desire to create, vivid imagination and hands/eyes co-ordination. It is also about perception - the artist's way of seeing.

I'm to take a (hopefully) short break from my art projects and turn to do a bit more structural study of drawing skills.

So if you don't see many new drawings being post here, don't think that I have given up. Far from it, I'm actually working harder than before to become a more fluent artist!

(Gee, did I just say that ... I'm an artist!!??)


Cameron said...

Ahh Jamie... where there is a will there is a way....and I've not met one with more determination to try, try again, as you, My Friend!

I have trouble drawing things out of my head, too...I use reference photos 99% of the time...

I also use the disclaimer that I use the references to "inspire" my work so if it doesn't look anything like it, I covered my rear....lol :)

As long as you're having a good time while still challenging yourself...keep at it. I worry that maybe you push yourself a little too hard and take some of the enjoyment out of it. I'm proud that you are calling yourself an artist! I've just recently started to feel comfortable with the title myself...and I think that is half the battle! :-p

Much Love and Support,

Barbara/myth maker said...

Practice practice practice practice. Nothing else will get you there. You alredy have the heart to do it, so you're one step ahead of the game. The technical skills will come. You must give yourself LOTS of time. I know that's hard.

miruspeg said...

Hybrid I think you are doing the right thing taking a break from your art projects.
It is always wise to step back and let go of the pressure we put on ourselves.
As always your posts are very interesting....so you have lost no ability there!
Tak care and hugs
Peggy xxxx