Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Color Project

After much thinking, numerous deep breathing and putting on extra thick human skin, I've send off 3 of my drawings to The Color Project hosted by The Art House Co Op (USA).

For The Color Project (Red) - my submission is "The Rose Thief"

For The Color Project (Blue) - my submission is "Hostage"

For The Color Project (Yellow) - my submission is "The Hoarder"

* You could read and see these drawings from my earlier posts here, here and here. *

These drawings will be shown in an exhibition under the same title "The Color Project" on 21/05/2010 at Brooklyn Art Library. A book will also be published to include all artworks submitted to the project.

Art House Co Op is a community based art organization. Their goal is to promote art, hence they do not "judge" any artworks or artists. They believe art should be accessed by everyone. There are free to participate projects and pay to participate projects (like The Color Project). Please check out their site to join in upcoming projects. (I've just joined project "the dreams I dream about".)

I'm very aware of where I am at my drawings. I'm just a beginner and still have tonnes to learn. May be I should not send off my artworks to anything at all, but I have these ideas about submission.

- To create an anchor for me to focus on finishing a drawing. Otherwise, I'll sit on it forever.

- It's my way to understand what it means to have an artwork exhibit. (Though it's in the States and not in my home country, I reckon I could still get a feel of it! Hmm ... am I making sense??)

- Being an independent /self taught / part-time creative, I need to create and find my own opportunities. No one is going to invite me for an exhibition and ask about my work ... at least at this stage.

- To widen my creative network and continue to make connection with other creatives

- And of course, there's always that little bit of vanity and instant gratification going on.

This submission of mine is in no way to undermine any artists for their hard earn skill and reputation in their fields. It is my way to try to find a footing in the vast art world.

I'd like to make use of this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me all this time. Without you, I would never ever realized the artist in me and would never dream of submitting my artwork for an exhibition. Each one of you is my inspiration and role model to take my art further.

My very very humble thanks. xxoo


WrightStuff said...

That's fantastic - of course you should be entering your art for all the reasons you listed and because it's really good!

EVA said...

Congratulations J for the courage to submit. I think all of those are amazing pieces and display such a whimsical sense of humour.

I think you are amazingly talented and working towards an exhibit there would be a great goal! Since you put on that safe think skin, jut think of what more you can accomplish!

Best wishes

Chapter Forty said...

Congratulations and you go girl.
Remember that those that succeed aren't necessarily the best, they just never give up.
This is a great start, just keep going...

Leone said...

Congratulations, you are amazing. Having the courage to send your work in is so important and a good way to build your confidence. Your art is so much fun and so whimsical it will be a great hit. Keep up the good work!!!

KatW said...

I think it's fabulous that you are sharing your artwork in this way. Good for you.

And thank you because reading your reasons gave me a nudge to be a little less precious about sharing my writing.

Kat :-)

linda said...

Good luck and I think it's a great step, all part of the process. It's not the result that matters so much, it's the step forward :)