Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quiet Time & Cameron's Giveaway

Not mean to be this quiet but got a few things going on which takes up time. Hope to get back to blogland soon!

Cameron, a talented multi-media artist, is having a Birthday Giveaway, check it out here! Make sure you check out her original artworks (at her blog) which give the "words" in old book pages new meaning.


Cameron said...

Thank you, J, for the love! The feeling is mutual!

I appreciate you spreading the word about the giveaway...I'm terribly excited about it!!

miruspeg said...

Hybrid, I have just visited Cameron's blog and what a delightful blog it is!

Regarding your comment about life changes, remember when changes and stressful times come along these are actually the most important times we can experience. Try to embrace them and go with the flow for what awaits is truly amazing.

Peggy xxx

laughingwolf said...

get well soon j :D

Angie said...

Hi hybrid,
Know what you mean about not having time, just reconnected with blogland myself. Haven't forgotten the tag, so will be posted off this week, yeah! :)))
Happy to be here again, thinking of you Angie ox