Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work Dungeon & Art Supplies

Thought I'd better write a quick update before my fellow bloggers and creatives start to wonder if I had abandoned my blog.

I've been busy at work all Oct and now looks like it's going to extend to this month.  Haven't got around to work on any one of the art courses I enrolled earlier.  Also, there is this very confusing thing called Art Supplies.  

Every courses requires different sets of tools and materials.  Though I'm pretty sure to those who've been drawing or making art since early days, they would have most of the items. I pretty much have to start from scratch.  Currently spending most of my weekends searching through local and internet art supplies stores for materials.  (BTW, these art supplies and tools all have funny names which I don't even know how to pronounce. Fun??!!!)

Not quite sure if I had ordered enough, but I'm done with it.  Can't go through another online listing again.  From here on is an almost 3 weeks wait before I got my art supplies.

So there you go, I'll probably be absent for another month before back to the creative land.  While I'm locked inside the work dungeon, I still visit all your wonderful blogs.  :D

Cheers and have a wonderful day!


Evelyn said...

Wow, sounds like you are really busy. You must be after some rather specialised art supplies. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your art soon :).
Take care, Ev

WrightStuff said...

Ah yes, the wonderful world of art supplies. My Mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas "art supplies" was naturally the answer! I am lucky enough to live a mile or so from a hobby superstore, but even they don't stock everything I need, so like you there is much searching online and waiting patiently for packages!I've found though that some things I could manage without whereas others I use every day (notably Prismacolour pencils - so gorgeous and waxy, no wonder Suzi loves them so!)

Cameron said...

Well, now that you have the tedium of medium (see how I did that..haha...did I get a smile out of you?) out of the way.....hopefully it will be fun!

...and don't get all caught up in whether you are using the supplies in the correct manner. If you are creating with them, then it's right!

I'll be disappearing from Blogland in a bit myself....endless packing...aaargh! I just want to hide under my unorganized lot of art supplies, have someone pack me up and tell me when it's safe to come out again :)

My best to you, Sweet J....don't take things too seriously ;D

Leone said...

Mmmm, art supplies, my favourite thing to buy. What fun to wait for the packages to arrive!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your art is so great and you are so hard on yourself. "Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfec it means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections." Have fun!!

miruspeg said...

Real life too often gets in the way of blogging. I love both worlds and try to spend an equal amount of time in both.

I get so much inspiration from my blogging friends and much more love than my real life friends.

Don't get me wrong I love my real life friends but with my blogging friends, the ones who bear their souls I feel a real connection.

Take care J, keep shining my friend.
Peggy xxx

miruspeg said...

Hello Hybrid

I've come back today to tell you I'll be closing my blog this weekend. It has been a joyous couple of years getting to know and love people like you!
Blogging has become a bit too distracting and I need to focus on other things that are now very important in my life, like my new Foundation.

So take care and keep shining my dear friend.
Peggy xxxx