Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creative Hurdle

It's been almost a month since my last post.  So what's happening?

Work -

It's winding down and I'm about to have 4-weeks off around X'Mas - a much needed time for rest and creative work! ;)

Creative Projects -

Got myself into way too many projects and tutorials.  Hence I've been freaking out often, which was not good when you're on a deadline to finish a project such as the Sketch Book Project.

I've been drawing onto the sketch book for a week or so last month.  Before I started with the drawing, I was concerned that the paper were quite thin that whatever I drew would show off on the next page.  After a few rounds of googleing, I learn of several ways to overcome that.  But I was too stubborn to follow my so called "artistic vision" that I refused to do anything about it.

After about filling up 10 spread pages, I found myself got bored with the Sketch Book.  Though I knew I had to finish it in time for submission (and, trust me, I have HUGE respect to any schedule), I found myself avoiding to go near the work table.  Something was not right!

While I was mulling over the Sketch Book, I also began learning a few art journal techniques.  One of it is "collage" which re-acquaint me to scissors, glue stick and double sided tape.  As I was trying out a new journal page, the penny dropped.

The main reason why I didn't want to go near the Sketch Book was my stupid EGO.  I didn't want to admit that my so called "artistic vision" was just plain stupid and I let my EGO to blind me to my instinct - the thin paper issue.

As soon as I had this realization, I started to panic.  I thought it would take me a while to struggle with my ego before I knew what to do.  And thanks to one of the tools for art journal, DOUBLE SIDED TAPE (which I now named as the Greatest Invention of the Century), I had my solution.

I spent about 2 nights to tape the pages together to make it thicker.  This reduces the book to about 20 spread pages. And I've also figured out a new way to work on the theme.  I won't talk too much about the execution now as I'm still experimenting with it.  Hopefully, I'll have something to show in a week or two so that I could explain to you what I'm doing with my theme: First Thing In The Morning, Last Thing At Night.

Here are the before and after (double sided tape) of the Sketch Book for your musing.

Before "Double Sided Tape" - see the drawing of next page shown underneath original drawing ... Arrrrrggghhh!

After "Double Sided Tape" - Now I have new spread pages to work on :)


Leone said...

Nice to see you back. Your struggles are shared by so many of us artists - too many projects and fear of making a mistake. The old perfectionsism rears its' ugly head. Good luck with finishing the Sketchbook Project, I look forward to seeing the end product. I know it will be great you have such a wonderful imagination.

IllusiveBlue said...

Good to see more work from you :)
...I know how you feel with the continual 'juggle' of so many projects simultaneously. I suffer from an overdose of perfectionism with my art and usually have to be told to step back and just breath!

Wishing you the best of luck with your SketchBook Project and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up wit xxx

EVA said...

Looks intriguing. I am about halfway. I gessoed some of the pages so ink or paint wouldn't show through. Having only 20 is sure more doable than 40!

Looking forward to seeing more.