Monday, December 6, 2010

Sketch Book Project 2011 - Progress

As continued from last blog post re Sketch Book Project, here is what's happening to the Sketch Book.


First Thing In The Morning, Last Thing At Night 


I'm taking a rather "literal" sense of the theme work to think of the 1st thing I "see" in the morning and the last thing I "see" before I drift into dreamland at night.

There is a kind of visual game I like to play, especially when I'm on my own.  I like to close my eyes to see what's inside (behind?) my closed eye lids. Depends on how hard I squeezed my closed eyes together, I could usually see floating specks swimming around.  Don't know what caused them but I'm pretty sure my eyes are in good shape.  (I follow through with my annual eye check.) Anyway, as soon as I remember this game, I decided to use the specks for the Sketch Book Project.


Basically, I'm using "collage" to do the main speck work while I might include some line work for fun!

Each spread page is a representation of the morning (colored, left side) & the night (black, right side) of a day.

Page 1

Page 2

As you can see the morning specks are of color while the night specks are of white.

Page 3
All the color pages and specks are hand glued onto the Sketch Book.  It's a slow process, but I enjoy the meditative quality of this kind of collage work.  Also when working on the specks, I felt like I was doing some form of "paper beading" ;)

Here are the basic tools I used for the paper bead work. The specks are made from using hand punch on color and white paper.

I'll continue to post more of my Sketch Book pages in the coming weeks and would love to here of your comments about this paper bead work.

Cheers and have a wonderful week, my dear fellow blogger and creatives!


Evelyn said...

I like it. Very beautifully executed.

WrightStuff said...

What a clever idea. I can just imagine myself trying it and getting tiny paper rounds stuck all over my fingers and getting very cross!! Nice to see you are making progress. Mine has proved to be a bit of a problem child...I am not sure I'll ever get it finished if I don't knuckle down to it soon.

Leone said...

As usual you have come up with something totally original and creative. You have an amazing imagination! I love it!!!