Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nightmare Behind The Door

Here is a little drawing for your musing. :)

"Nightmare Behind The Door", micron pen on paper, 30cm (H) x 21cm (W)

The idea is not original and I'm sure sixty millions other artists had done it before. Nonetheless I hope it brings a little smile on your face.

This drawing was done as a consolation after I mucked up another drawing. I was in no mood to paint it and also I have a feeling that it works better in simple black and white, like a cartoon stripe from newspaper.

About the "muck up", I have learn the DON'Ts of my painting process.

1) Do not start painting when I'm not sure about the overall composition.

I knew I wasn't happy with the composition but thought by painting it, the drawing will begin to work. I was wrong!

2) Do not start painting when I'm stressing out.

I was stressing out on some major personal matters and thought working on a drawing would help to clam me down. The fact is I have kind of obsessive (addictive?!) personality. Once I got a problem or issue at hand, I'm like a dog with a bone.

With my mind chewing onto the personal matter, I failed to make sensible creative decision for my drawing.

3) Just because I love "graduated wash" background, does not mean it is suitable for a drawing.

I have been practicing to use ink to do graduated wash background for a little while. Though far from being good at it, I think I got the hang of it. So I decided to use it for a drawing. But due to the subjects (plants) of my drawing, the graduated wash background made the plants looks like they're sprouting out from mist.

4) Do not change color theme of a drawing after color test.

I got into a habit to do color test for my drawing. The test is about ink color mixing and how each color works / compliment each other. At this stage, I just can't visualize how some colors work without seeing them on paper. I'll do a rough sketch of my drawing on cartridge paper and test it out with different color combination. (I'm quite picky of the tone and hue of colors.)

With this plant drawing, for some unknown reasons, I decided to change part of the background color from the original tested grayish blue to gray. I thought I was making the drawing more moody, but the gray tone I used actually made the plant looked like they were coming out from muddy plain.

I'm not sure if I want to work on the plant drawing for now as this entire "muck up" experience is still very disturbing and frustrating to me.

I think I'm going to give myself a break and after all, Easter holiday is just two days away. Good to wind down and recharge ..... but that personal matter ..... arrrrgh .....


Evelyn Howard said...

:) Emjoy Easter. Thanks for sharing your DON'Ts. I like yr sketch - cute!

WrightStuff said...

OK, now I'm gonna throw a spanner in your works cause I disagree with some of your don'ts!
Do create when stressed - it soothes the soul BUT don't expect it to be Van Gogh - just go with the flow.
Do sometimes just paint without thinking too much about it. I've done some of my best paintings this way!
Saying that we are of course all different - I'm just saying DON'T stick too rigidly to your list!!

Sandy Coleman said...

I love this little drawing. You have expressed so much with so few lines. It just draws the eye right in.

EVA said...

What a great drawing! Which is the nightmare? It is fill of interesting perspectives.

I agree with Wright Stuff- don't be so hard on yourself. Instead of the "don't" why not choose to work on something different - make a "stressed" theme creation and see what happens? Now, having said that - what do I know?, I am not creating for the results, like you are, but just for the practice/habit of it. Id think it IS very important to learn what works for you and what doesn't.

Your work continues to charm me. Hope your personal stresses work themselves out.

Cameron said...

I always find you to be so honest and unafraid to be you... I love that. It takes work to strive to be exactly who you are...(you're a unique one's ever been you before, so there is no blueprint to follow) :)

Personal drama will work itself out and will make you wiser in the process...even though it really tries you at the moment! All art, perfect or not, is worth is an extension of you!

Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. I'd love to send you one of those flowers to clip on your coat when you need a little something sparkly to brighten your day! What's your favorite color?

Send me an email and we'll work it out :)

All my Best,

Leone said...

Sorry things are difficult for you just now, hope you are able to sort it out soon.
Love your drawing as usual, food for thought!
Happy Easter hope you have a joyful weekend.

giddy up said...

I like your sketch.. also like your rabit painting from an earlier post.

IvyC. said...

Wow an instant favourite - Beautifully contoured, just awesome!

*Encore.. keep shining:)