Monday, March 22, 2010

Mushroom Frenzy

I have spent the week researching reference photos for a drawing idea. Though I found some, I have not worked out the overall composition. So I'm a bit stuck and have nothing to show for the week.

To keep up with my learning of drawing, I spent Sunday working on "graduated wash" technique. So far so good - I could paint a graduated wash background to half of an A4-size.

And to cheer myself up, I bought these mushroom cards to go with my mushroom drawing. It seems like everyone is into mushrooms nowadays! :D

So there you go, not a very productive week .....


Leone said...

Mushrooms are fun. When we lived in England my ex was a glassblower, he made some glass mushrooms and I painted them to put in a candyland I made at Christmas. It had faeries and elves, etc. and candy stuck on straws. I recently bought a book on B.C. Mushrooms that has some really great illustrations. There is something magical and mystical about mushrooms.

Learning to do a wash sounds like a good way to spend your creative time, the basics are so important.

Sandy Coleman said...

Not a wasted week at all. Seeking inspiration is all a part of the process. I admire the effort you are putting into finding what you need. Can't wait to see the results. :-)

Cameron Reutzel said...

Love of animals, Nature and art....3 of my faves, too :) Kudos to you for starting at the beginning and using practice and perseverence to acquire the skill you desire!
I've read the books (I'm self-taught, also) and tried a few exercises here and there, but mainly, I'm just too impatient and end up diving in and experimenting as I go....not always with favorable results...haha!

Keep it up!

KatW said...

I'm impressed with your dedication! Not a waste at all. All part of honing your skills.

Evelyn Howard said...

I like your mushroom drawing. ANd mushroom cards. Also like your display system.