Monday, February 15, 2010

Camouflage 1 & 2

Finally I got the drawings sorted out ... kind of.

1) Camouflage 1:

"Camouflage 1", pen and paper, 30cm(H) x 21cm (W)

This was finished last Monday and as mentioned in my earlier post, the drawing doesn't feel right to me. It looks to me "static".

2) Camouflage 2:

"Camouflage 2", ink and paper, 30cm (H) x 21cm (W)

By making the lampshade tilted to one side with the cheeky starfish hanging onto it, I think it shows the "camouflage" idea better and allows the fun / humor to come off stronger. The drawback of this one is that I'm not satisfied with the design of the starfish. I preferred the 1st one.

I can't really say the drawings are finished as I still have a nagging feelings towards them. There's something missing. Too much white space? The lamps need to sit on something, like a table top? (Boring!) Add shadow at the lamp base to make it looks real??! You can see I'm a bit lost.

Anyway, I've learn some valuable lessons from these two drawings.

- I can't produce the same drawing twice. Though the alteration is minimal, I was definitely in another mood and can't seem to copy from my previous work. Also spontaneity plays a big part in all the details in my drawing and it is something that cannot be repeated.

However, I do wonder if it is related to my lack of drawing skill, hence I can't "re-work" the same drawing? Would a trained / experienced artist be able to reproduce h/her work more easily? Any comments / insights would be most welcomed.

- I'm still having heaps of troubles in applying ink wash. Thanks to Rowena and Chapter Forty, I got useful tips of applying some water color painting techniques to my drawing. I'm yet to learn more about it.

Just like most thing in life, it all comes down to trail and error plus practice. Let's hope that improvement will begin to show over a period of time.

Enough of my babbling ... as usual, my fellow creatives and bloggers, what do you think of these two drawings? Which one you prefer? (Or none at all!)

Last but not least, The Monday Project girls are back online! Check out the new project. Do come and play along! :)


WrightStuff said...

I can never do the same drawing twice either! These are both cute. I love seeing the adventures your starfish gets up to! I'm not sure they need a 'setting' as the humour is the key and you have captured this perfectly. Don't be too critical... just enjoy the fun of the creation!

dandelionlady said...

I love the one with the tipped lampshade, it's great. I'm never able to create the same picure twice.

Amy said...

I like the 2nd one better, with the tilted lamp shade. The colors seem brighter for some reason. I can not make the same drawing/painting twice either.
As far as the white space, maybe adding curtains or wallpaper or a window in the background could fill some of that in without taking away from the main focus?

Carol said...

I like them both! A light box was suggested to do a repeat of an shape that you like ~ namaste,Carol(artmusedog)

Sandy Coleman said...

I love No. 2 because I'm all for humor. It has such personality.:-)

Angie said...

I like both drawings, the 2nd one seems brighter in colour and tone and yes it does have personality to it. Some advice I was given on finishing a piece was to let it sit somewhere were you see it all the time and look at it daily, let it speak to you in time you will know if it need morwe work or not. See if that works!
As for reproducing the same kind of image it will come to you, it just takes practice and finding the zone you were in before.
I remember when I was growing up in Italy I used to go to Piazza Navona, near where we lived and even today there are many artists painting, selling there work, some were reproductions of the same thing and to me they seemed to lack something, maybe because the artist cannot find that 'zone' they were in previously, each art piece has a life or personality of its own! Hope this helps:)
I think you are doing well with your drawings.

EVA said...

I like them both. #2 is stronger due to the colours and the lamp tilt, so it feels more confident to me. I love your starfish!

I think every creation is a little different even if our goal is replication.

Maybe these lamps could be in an all white room (white walls and floor) and all you need to add is three lines to form a corner. I thought they were floor lamps rather than table lamps when I first looked at them.

I love your work!

mariasangel said...

I was hoping you would have a new starfish :) they are so adorable and they make me smile! I like the "character" of the second one as well--just hanging around on the lampshade :) maybe the lamp should be on top of a starfish shaped doily!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Both of them :)

I can't ever re-write a piece, unless I'm actually copying it out word for word. And as part of an artwork I did years ago, I wrote over the same bit of text again and again. It was slightly different every time, and resulted in something that looked like it had multiple shadows. In writing, the idea is known as palimpsest. I think it's really interesting.

And thanks for the link to the Monday Project! Kate and I are excited to be back with the monthly projects.

miruspeg said...

Your drawings are excellent Hybrid and look at all these wonderful comments.
No 2 is my favourite and I like mariasangel suggestion about having a starfish shaped doily under the lamps.
Hope you are enjoying the journey.
Peggy xxx

linda said...

I love the cheeky starfish! So cool if that could be real!

Lis said...

i too love the image with the tipped lampshade ... you are right, so much more lively and playful!

"Lack of drawing skills"? I am awed by your work and your talent! yes, i think it is more likely the spontaneity and freshness of creating something anew is impossible to capture a second time ... but your tipped shade piece is a new creation and therefore alive!

i totally admire your work - so playful, detailed and joy filled :)

Leone said...

The first one is the perfectionist starfish, the second one is the clumsy, funfilled starfish. So both have a character all of their own. Even the colouring of the first one suits the perfectionist, while the colour of the second one is more lively. I agree with Angie, set is aside for a while either in sight or out of sight and get on with something else. Whether you need to do more to it will come to you. I think we often reach a point of over-thinking our creations and that can block the creative flow. Love the whimsy, makes smile!

Cheri said...

I like the second, the color is vibrant and the star fish looks like it could detach, take a leap onto something else, it very playful or is it full of mischief?

Anonymous said...

I love your starfish!!!!! even the hoarder below: how fun!!
For this post I like # 2 because of deeper colors and both starfish are cool, just different characters.
I think a piece is finished when you decide is finished. If you keep looking at them you will always find something you could change, at least I do, so I say "that's it!" :-).
Anyway if you want to try and add something, why not yellow light from under the lamp shade?

Bobbi Lewin said...

I like the tipped lamp shade and the bolder color in the second drawing. You are right, the tipping makes it humorous:) I can't draw the same thing twice; I can draw something quite similar, but it is never like a copy.

Evelyn Howard said...

Beautiful! Love the crooked version. Your colours and style are very appealing.

Hybrid J said...

Hi Everyone,

A heartfelt thank you to all your comments. I treasure the encouragement greatly as it is helping me to become a better creative person. Gee, I'm so blessed to stumble on you gals. You're all fantastic. THANK YOU!

Leah said...

so fun! i like them both too!!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I like them both. I understand that nagging feeling that something isn't finished, but also I was reading in Julia Cameron: The Artist's Way only last night that in a sense nothing is ever really 'finished'. A film, a novel, a painting - you could go on for ever tweaking and trying to make it perfect. or you can just let it go and move on to the next thing. I guess the skill is in knowing the difference between not yet finished and not yet perfect! That's something I have to learn too!

Mary said...

Thank you so much for sharing your process! I really like both drawings very much and think that the 2nd one with the tilted lampshade adds a little more intrigue and interest to the drawing.