Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drafting and Sharing

Another hot weekend ... you know me, can't really work under summer heat, hence so far could only managed to finish draft of a new drawing plus the transfer.

One thing I started to pick up about my drafting. I don't do loose sketch type of draft like most artists. (It is because I don't know how to "loose sketch"!) My so call draft is actually quite detail in terms of composition. All subject (objects?) are drawn and place at the right place in this draft stage. The only thing I leave out is the fine details of an object, e.g. the vines of a leave. And this usually require a whole day to finish.

After transfer (either by hand-held "tracer" or transfer paper (Saral) or DIY light table) and depends if the transfer requires enlargement or not, I'l
l need to re-draw some parts. Easily another day's of work.

I'm beginning to think if it makes more sense to simply start drafting on the actual drawing paper. But then, as the name "draft" indicates, there are deemed to be lots of alterations (using vinyl eraser) before I'm satisfied with the drawing. This will leave "bruises" on the paper which would affect the coloring stage. Guess the only way to find out is to give it a try.

Well enough of talk about my drawing and let's do some sharing.

1) Here are 2 of my favourite reference books for drawing.

- Plants (check details here)

- Animals (check details here)

I got them last Christmas and have been poring over them for inspiration. Also through them, I re-discovered my love and obsession of "vintage" illustrations. I'm planning trips to some 2nd hand book stores to see if I could find more books on Victorian illustration.

2) My Basic Drawing Tools (as shown in between the 2 books):

- AS pigmented ink could be diluted to achieve watercolor effect
- Speedball pen
- No. 4 Round Brush

1 comment:

Leone said...

I think you are right about bruising the paper but it will be interesting to see. I love those two books, they look like a goldmine of information.

I am really curious to see what that little seahorse will be doing when you get around to drawing it. I believe they carry their babies in pouches like kangaroos. With your wonderful imagination I'm sure you will come up with a very whimsical scenario.

Look forward to your next work when the heat subsides.
Take care.