Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Summer Heat

Don't mean to be absence from blogging for this long. It's just the hot weather down here is not conductive to creativity. (Might not be to you, definitely to me.) I'm feeling fuzzy and muggy all the time. :(

But don't think that I haven't been creating. I finished a drawing two nights ago. However, as soon as I laid down my brush, I knew something was off about it. Actually I think I knew it all the way, but I lack the experience (?) aptitude (?) to notice it without completion.

Last night I re-drafted part of it and I'm planning to finish the transfer by Fri so I could begin the actual drawing over the weekend. I'm trying to be cool (both in mental and physical sense, haha!), forgiving and accepting about the "late discovery". But can't help not to feel a bit frustrated. I'm also have a strong feeling that as I get into drawing more, this situation will happen more. Hmmm ... worry ... Worry ... WORRY ...

This prompt me to wonder if the same thing happens to other fellow creatives / artists / bloggers. I'd like to know how you deal with it.

On the similar topic, Keri Smith has created "The Artist Survival Kit". Check it out. Also read her blog entry on 05/02 about "How To Feel Miserable As An Artist". (Sorry, unable to get the link for you.)

That's all for now ... stay cool!


WrightStuff said...

As far as I'm concerned, no piece of art is ever a waste. It's all a learning curve. I frequently get cross and frustrated, but don't throw it away... you never know how you might use it in future. I love using acrylics because they are so forgiving. If you don't like something, you just paint over it!
PS - snow showers forecast here today. Want some?

miruspeg said...

Hybrid I know how you feel about the heat, the humidity in Sydney is stifling. It is so draining.
But at least you are still creating and that is what it is all about.

I hate to use the old cliche but for me it is always the journey not the destination.
So keeping walking, keep creating, keep breathing.
Peggy xxx

Leone said...

I very often really don't like something when I finish it and then I put it away for a week or two and look at it with fresh eyes and usually see it differently and like it. Sometimes they are just happy accidents and they turn out better than we had pictured them. Anyway, good luck with the redo and hope your weather cools down a bit. I don't like the heat either. It's a bit chillier here today but it's raining and we are supposed to get lots of rain over the next few days - good old Vancouver, rain, rain, rain. The crocuses and snowdrops are out though. Not very conducive to Winter Olympics!!

オテモヤン said...