Sunday, August 2, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert

I viewed this from Kim's blog and I was so moved that I decided to put this up.

And I'll also share this with you:

I cried at the end of Gilbert's speech as I realized that my effort for showing up to my writings has been recognized by all creatives.


Holly said...

Isn't this the most wonderful and perfect way to finally know that no matter how small we think we are, we are so absolutely vitally, necessary? EnJOY your day!

Barbara/myth maker said...

Beautiful speech. Thanks for posting it.

Hybrid J said...

Hi Holly,

As usual you wise words warm my heart and encourge my spirit to soar!

Hybrid J said...

Hi Barbara,

No worries and it's a joy to see other people enjoy my find - to which another thanks to Kim! :)

Sarah said...

Isn't she wonderful..all I could think ws...yes..yes..yes!!! I love this speech..I have it hearted on is a wonderful reminder!!
Namaste, Sarah

WrightStuff said...

Oh wow! So glad I took the time to just sit and listen to this. Why don't they teach us this in school? I've just been writing about my Muse and know I know she is my daemon, my genius, my playful friend. I know I will have to listen to this again and again. WOW WOW WOW

Mariana Soffer said...

Hi hybrid, how are you doing, you know when I saw this video a couple of month ago, I almost cried, it moved me that much. I love when she says:
We writers, we kind of do have that reputation, creative people across all art genres, it seems, have this reputation for being enormously mentally unstable. And all you have to do is look at the very grim death count in the 20th century alone, of really magnificent creative minds who died young and often at their own hands, you know? And even the ones who didn't literally commit suicide seem to be really undone by their gifts, you know. We accepted collectively this notion that creativity and suffering are somehow inherently linked and that artistry, in the end, will always ultimately lead to anguish.
Then she talks that she is doomed cause she has probably already done his best artwork, but he still has to live half of her life trying to equal or improve that novel that made her famouse. No wonder she will start drinking gin in the mornings and became a complete drunk by the age of 50.

On top of that she is gorgeous, charismatic and humble. I want to read more about her stuff
Bye my friend

Hybrid J said...

Hi Sarah,

So glad you "hearted" it at YouTube. Isn't Gilbert just wonderful to sharing her experience with us? :)

Hybrid J said...

Hi Lisa,

You're absolutely right. They, I mean all the teachers at schools, should have told us about this to save us all the self-torture, hahaha! And like you, I have listened to it a couple more time since I put it up! :)

Hybrid J said...

Hey Mariana,

Glad to have you here again. Yes, Gilbert's speech touched every one of us. ;)

Morgaine Pendragon said...

I just watched Elizabeth's speech, it was amazing and very moving.