Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wreck This Jouranl - The End

Wreck This Journal has finally come to an end and I have saved this last wreck as the finale.

At the beginning, when I read that I was to take the journal in the shower with me, I cringed at the thought of soaking the rather new journal wet. After the burning, the throwing, the hanging outside and the deliberate stomping on it, dumping it in water wasn't hard at ll. Now I looked back and wondered why I had made a big fuss of cracking the spine of a new journal! :)

I wouldn't say WTJ has given me a life altering experience. But I liked how it loosened me up and brought a belly laugh out of me every time. It reminded me that I needed to do something fun other then writing to nurture the creative spirit. And along the wrecking road, I had met some wonderful fellow creatives and hopefully we'll maintain our contacts. Through the realization of the need for fun plus connecting with new creatives, like Kim, I learn about Zentangle. I've ordered the kit and am looking forward to expand my creativity to include some zen drawings.

It was also interesting to note that during the WTJ, I had entered into one of those important reflective stages as a creative being. I had dived deep into the creative abyss and had come back with renewed insight and faith in myself. Did WTJ have a part of it? It might or it might not. But I'm a big believer of synchronicity and always on the look out of creative signs. So I'd say there are connections between the wrecking act and the digging deep. I'd like to think of them working on the subterranean level of the creative mind.

There you go, my last post on WTJ and may I say this to all fellow wreckers:

Thank you for you company and it's been a great pleasure to see all your fantastic wreck works!

You're all wreck stars! Keep shining! Keep laughing!


Lawendula said...

Quote: "I had dived deep into the creative abyss and had come back with renewed insight and faith in myself. Did WTJ have a part of it? It might or it might not. But I'm a big believer of synchronicity and always on the look out of creative signs."

YES! I just feel the same. It's some kind of magic with the book. Maybe we are all part of a big soul family, whose topic is to spread our creative energy? I don't know. I have always been creative, but wtj was a dooropener to a new step of letting go, making new experiences.
Thanks for sharing. Let's keep in touch.

btw: I would be delighted if you would participate on my bag collaboration, we need Australia to be in too! Please check out here:

WrightStuff said...

"the subterranean level of the creative mind".
Sounds like a cool place, but put it together with the "creative abyss" and that has me worried that you're not seeing enough daylight my friend.

Come out come out and let the sunlight warm you and inspire you anew!

Hehe - silly mood!

By the way, I think you'll find that's a sink not a shower. Gleeful wrecking!

Barbara/myth maker said...

Congratulations of a wreck well done.

Holly said...

Oh, Miss, you're simply a Wreck!

Melita said...

i have thoroughly enjoyed the wrecking experience. i am glad i shared it with you!

The Other Laura said...

It did get easier as we went along, didn't it?!
Thanks for all the great wreckage!

Kavindra said...

You have been so much fun and such an inspiration! And yeah, um, that IS a sink, lol.

magpie said...

the final act is going, um, swimmingly!
it's been a treat wrecking with you.

Kate said...

Great job wrecking your journal. it sure was fun! I had a blast.


judiPatootie said...

see you soon again I hope! Looking forward to the JoyDiet experience

Kim said...

Isn't it amazing how far we (and our journals)have all come during this journey. Your last paragraph especially is very eloquently put and I agree.

Thank you for visiting my blog and making me feel so welcome here!

Hybrid J said...

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and you have become so dear to me! ;)

NatashaMay said...

The journal took a bath.:) Great one.

Leone said...

Great finish to your wrecking! Very creative. Thank you for putting the video of Eliz. Gilbert on your blog. I enjoyed it immensely. I love, love, love her book. Oh to connect with that spirit, muse, God and allow it to work through me. It has happened a few times and it is such a great feeling, like someone else is writing it. And to remember to play - not be so serious.

Good luck with your writing, hope the things she has said help you connect as well.

Kirby3131 said...

You have been such a fantastic wrecking sister - as I think I've seen a comment from you on nearly every blog in the group. You are a rock star to the wreckers. Thank you!!

I still don't think I can do the full immersion of the journal - but then again! Congrats to you!!
Kristin - The Goat

Jamie Ridler said...

When I saw your journal in the sink, I thought it was having a little trip to the spa after a long hard adventure :)

It's wonderful to hear the creativity, insight and exploration that's going on in you. I'm sure wonderful things will keep bubbling up. It's a joy to see!

Lesley Denford said...

Awww, it's so sad that all the WTJ fun has come to an end! Did you ever get my pages from the swap? I hope they've made it down to you by now! :)