Friday, January 23, 2009


Little Sucker didn't come back. But I got another visitor two nights ago.

"Die, Die, Die, Heeeyaaaaa!"

"What?" I looked around the room.

"You die!"

"What?" I looked around the room again. "Is that you Little Sucker?

"No Sucker. Me Screamer!"

"O.K." I reached for the teapot next to my laptop, "and you want me dead?"


"I took that as a yes but why?" Teapot in hand all ready to swing.

"You no write blog sai9hoi."

"Hang on! Don't you see that I'm about to write another post and don't think I don't know what sai9hoi mean."


"Hey, you there?"


Seemed like Screamer had left the room. But I've been hanging onto my teapot since then…

Note: sai9hoi – move away and drop dead (Ancient language from the Screamer Land)

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