Friday, January 23, 2009

Creative Momentum

I've been quite upset about my writing lately. Quality and quantity are the usual suspects, hence I'm not going to talk about them yet. (But don't worry, they are on my To Write About List.) I'm talking about My Archenemy – Creative Momentum.

Creative momentum is about when a writer who is totally submerged in the creative process and whatever he/she does becomes the source of the story.

During my 4-weeks annual leave from Christmas period to last Sunday, I managed to sit down almost everyday to sketch story ideas. I was on a roll and it felt fantastic! But then when I got back to work – Bang! Everything stopped!

I've had this problem since I began my writing venture. This is driving me nuts and no wonder I keep seeing all these little creatures streaming in and out of my room. (Or am I hallucinating?) To maintain the momentum is extremely important to me. Not only it is going to help developing stories, underneath it is about being able to write daily (or at least on a regular basis).

As a writer-in-practice, I'm still learning and developing my writing skills. Without writing on a regular basis, how am I going to finish a piece of writing and proceed to get published? But then in order to write regularly, I need to maintain the creative momentum of the story that I'm working on.

I'm hoping that with the coming long weekend (26/01 is Australia Day - public holiday), I'll be able to take a dip in the creative pool.

Now let me see - where the hell is the bloody pool?

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Joe Iriarte said...

I can totally identify. Now that I'm back from Christmas break and trying once again to juggle work and writing my productivity seems to have come to a grinding stop. Work, parenting, writing, housework . . . I can juggle at most two of those. Maybe 2.5, on a good day. Ugh! Good luck finding your balance. :)