Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Sucker

Walking around the block for 4 days (metaphorically speaking of course), and still I haven't got a clue what I was going to write about. And then I realized this: I was having a blogger's block!

So I told myself no matter what, I had to do it tonight.

After surfing the TV channels for the sixty millionth times, I forced myself to sit down in front of the laptop to begin. I wrote the first sentence. (Hmmmm, not bad.) But on second thought, I decided to delete it. (This was too difficult! Where the hell was the Kettle chips?) And then I undid the deletion and re-read the first line. (Alright, I can live with it but had to remove that double exclamation marks. It was too redundant!!)

And then the little creature came again. It always came when the ball started rolling. I had no idea what this one looked like except that it had big sharp teeth. How did I know? Because I could feel it biting, no, latching on my brain. And how did I manage to write this passage with the little bugger chewing my brain as if it was ricotta cheese? I got a hammer and banged my head a couple of time. It let go. But I had a feeling that it was still somewhere here in this room.

(Come out, come out, wherever you are .....)


Rex Venom said...

That damn little biting creature. Likes the brains, eh?
Hey...that is sort of funny..
Rock on!

Hybrid J said...

Hi Rex Venom,

My 1st Visitor ... bloody fantastic!
Thank you for dropping by and glad that you found Little Sucker funny.
Come back for more then!

miruspeg said...

Hello Hybrid
Love this 2nd post of yours....its going to be fun working my way through your old posts and getting to know you.

Keep smiling, beacause I am!