Thursday, September 23, 2010

Diary 2011 Project

Yippieeeeee ..... I've got an artwork published!!! :D
Blame it to my fowl mood ... I totally forgot about it until I re-read a comment Cam left on my previous post.  (A big THANK YOU to Cam! You're such a sweetie!)

I had submitted a Holey drawing to the Diary 2011 Project back on June.  And now the 2011 Diary is finally printed and available for sale online here.  Check it out and hopefully some of you will purchase one or two or more.  And FYI, Cam also got a page in the Diary 2011!

Watch out for submission deadline for Diary 2012.  All creatives are welcomed to join the project!

(You can view my other Holeys from here.)


Evelyn said...

Sweet holey! Congrats.

Cameron said...

I'm so glad this excited you!! I'm happy to help!! (and thanks for the mention and link, too..heehee :D)

Now pick up a pencil and get drawing, Sista'!

Anonymous said...

Drawing can really help decorate my 2011 diary with creativity.