Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Holeys

Here are some of The Holeys I've been working on.

"Rupert", micron pen on card stock

 "Winnifred", micron pen on stock card

"Edgar", micron pen on stock card 

 "Lizzy" (Elizabeth), micron pen on card stock

I like that they have the potential to spin off into other art projects.  Here are a few I'm thinking about:

1) A set (or a few sets) of hand-drawn Holey Calendar Card 2011, like this ...

"Rupert - Mr. January", micron pen on stock card

2) A set (or a few sets) of hand-drawn Holey Note Card

3) A story blog of The Holeys

4) Turn them into paintings

But with my current health condition and other art project, I wonder if I'm asking too much of myself?  Also, I really need to spend more time on learning & practicing both drawing and painting skills.  But ..... what is the best way to learn & practice other than working on a project?  Any thoughts?

Anyway, my fellow bloggers and creative, I'd love to hear of your comments about The Holeys.  Take care and have nice week ahead. :D

"The Holeys" copyright 2010 Hybrid J / Jamie Lee. All rights reserved.


linda said...

OMG! Your Holeys are the cutest ever...I LOVE THEM! I totally think you should make A story...have you heard of Storybird? You can upload your art and make a storybook to share with others too :)

I think that everything takes time - you just have to work at it...but at the same time take it slow - everyone has a different limit and pace to go by. All my best!

Amy said...

Very cute! I feel like "lizzy" most days!

EVA said...

The Holeys are so very cute and fun!

And if they are giving you all these ideas (and I also like Linda's idea) then they are even better! Anything that inspires us to keep going is (as Martha Stewart would say) "a good thing"!

If Amy feels like Lizzy, I often feel a like Edgar!

Hope you start feeling much better soon!

Leone said...

All of those are great ideas and what better way to practice than working on a project. Love your Holeys and look forward to seeing more of them. Hope you feel better soon!

My Mane in the Wind said...

Your Holeys remind me of the "gruks (grooks)" created by the Danish mathematician/poet/artist Piet Hein. They make me chuckle. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment!

Michelle said...

First of all, they're adorable. Secondly, they immediately made me think of Swiss cheese which kind of made me appreciate the name "Holeys" more; I thought of them being super offended by being called "the cheese people" (or something to that effect), like just because they have holes it means they're made of cheese? PLEASE. ;)

Anyway, I find the best way to encourage creativity goals is to stick with what you know, so build on the Holeys and you never know what other paths your ideas might take. Pretty soon you'll be reaching all your goals even if it doesn't seem like the Holeys would fulfill them.

Thanks for the visit/comment! Hope to see you around the creative blogosphere as well!

WrightStuff said...

Yes, you should definitely take these further - they are such wonderful little characters. The calendar sketch is just perfect. There are so many printing companies that could run some of these off for you fairly cheaply. You can probably get your first trial one done for free at vistaprint. Go girl, they are absolutely fab!!

Sandy Coleman said...

I love these cute and clever little drawings. They make me smile. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I haven't visited you in awhile. You have changed your look. I really like it, especially the spilled paint background.

Kim said...

The Holeys are charming and definitely worth further exploration. They already seem to have lives of their own so just sit with them for a bit and they will tell which direction to go and at what pace.

nanke's stuff said...

I really like the whimsy and fun they have. They just make me smile! nancy

Chapter Forty said...

These are wonderful characters. There is humour in them. But I dont think you should push yourself. It seemed like you went right off writing after that November Nanowrimo thing last year - Take your time and look after that neck of yours. -Balance-

Cameron said...

Very cute... so nice to have an idea with so many idea that motivates and inspires...oh, and are, cute to boot!