Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perspective Drawing and Creature

Still on the mend ... but managed to start drawing (or more like picking up some desperately needed drawing lessons and exercises from a work book).

Here are 2 of them. It is a combination of observational drawing and imaginative drawing.
(NOTE: They are more like practice drawing than proper drawing.)

When I first read about perspective drawing lesson, all the "sighting" and "measuring proportion" seems very complicated and hard to understand. But after a few hours of drawing a simplified version of a small corner of my kitchen, I was amazed of how real (perspective wise) it looked on paper.

Perspective drawing is still a newly acquired skill which I need tonnes of practices. But I found the process of using lines to create 3D objects / landscape on paper immensely interesting. It is almost "magical"!

You might also notice from my 2 drawings that my inclination to all things weird & strange keep cropping up everywhere. When I finished the little box drawing and the office corner drawing, I had this dialogue in my head.

Me: O.K. that's good! You did well in your practice, but ... something's missing?

me: What's missing?

Me: "Stuff" ... "Your Stuff" ...

me: What do you mean by "My Stuff"?

Me: I mean ... yes, this is your drawing but it is NOT your drawing!

I looked at the drawings again and the little spotted creature started to take form and crept into frame.

Me: Ah, there you go, you dumbo! Now that's more like it!

I think I was so caught up in learning the drawing skills (based on observation, hence realistic drawing) that I actually took the term "observation" to the letter. I drew what I saw and forgot to continue to let my imagination fuel my creativity.

Through the little spotted creature, I reclaimed MY drawings!

(BTW, I'm still wondering what kind of creature it is ... any idea?)


Cameron said...

Some sort of Alien Octopus? Great Job, J! The 2nd one is especially captivating....something about doors and not quite being able to see around corners that just draws me in!

Hope things are lookin up for you, cuz the sketches are lookin good :o)

WrightStuff said...

Wow, I am so lovin this new layout girl. Did you design it yourself? Really cool.

I was so pleased you managed to get the 'you' back in your drawing. I'm thinking Octopus too, though this one only has three visible legs, I am sure there are more up to mischief the other side of that wall...

I'm so enjoying taking this art journey with you :)

EVA said...

So great to see you back at it!!!

Keep listening to that voice - it is what gives your work such charm!

The triopus is wonderful!

Leone said...

I love your new look and as always your drawings. Nice to see you back. Maybe your version of an octopus or maybe just your own creation that you can give your own name to. Hope you continue to feel better and create.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this conversation! Sounds like me a bit. Back and forth, back and forth. Important work here...