Thursday, December 17, 2009

X'mas Giveaway

It's a delight to learn that Peggy liked the X'mas artwork I sent to her. Here it is for you to enjoy as well.

("Christmas Balls in the Sky" - Pigma Pen & color pencil on paper)


Leone said...

Love it, you really have a talent for this style of zentangle. your very own. Happy Holidays!

Barbara said...

Are you having fun with the drawing? Love that, Hybrid. It's always so great to find something you love to do and when you do it well. And always a surprise when it happens along, huh? Happy holidays!

miruspeg said...

I am looking at it this very moment Hybrid. :D It is right underneath my computer screen.
I do appreciate your kindness and I hope this Christmas is a joyous one for you.
Peggy xxxx

Caroline said...

Your drawings are exquisite! I love the whimsical zen feel to them!