Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNo 2009 - Day 1

First off, I want to thank everyone who left loving comments on my last blog post. You all touched my heart and gave me heaps of encouragement to continue my creative journey.

This is going to be short post to keep track of my NaNo experience.

Day 1 Word Count - 1970 (exceed target)

As mentioned a while ago, I planned to use NaNo to finish "STOS". But things changed. I'm writing up a total new story of a "founded diary". That's all I could say at this stage. Right now I just concentrate on getting the daily word count to achieve the 50,000 words by end Nov. I'm not too fuss if the story idea is good or not. This is more about get it done and have it out of the way.

In terms of the creative changes I'm going through, I'll borrow a horoscope prediction to give you a bird's eyes view of it.

"The year ahead for Scorpio - Many of you abandon an old dream as a radical new one proves overwhelmingly compelling."

I'll keep posting about my NaNo progress as much as I can. It could be daily or weekly. For matters concerning other areas of my creative life, it might be some time before I know how to make sense of it. But one thing for sure, I'm trying hard to follow my heart! :)

Take care my fellow bloggers and creatives.


WrightStuff said...

Wicked! My word count is 0 so far today :(. This does not bode well. I do however, have some major sorting out of my life to do, so that takes precedence I guess! Hoping to hit the keyboard in a big way tonight!!
Well done - great start - keep it up!

WrightStuff said...

OK, you made me feel guilty about copping out on day 1 - 537 words... a bit behind schedule but better than nothing!

miruspeg said...

You know Hybrid, I feel it in my bones you will stick to this one right to the end.
:) :) :)
Light and love coming your way.