Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Absence from Blogging

As much as I'd like to post regularly, I'm just not up to it at present.

Things in my creative life are all up in the air and I'm waiting for them to land ... if they ever would.

So my dear fellow bloggers and creatives, I'll be sitting quietly over at that far corner til I got this all sort out and know where I stand.

Til then, you all take care! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Hybrid -- I know what you mean, sometimes I'm like this too.

Thanks for your kind words on avocadoandlemon!

Jean said...

Have fun with NanoWriMo! Enjoy some time off! :)

Caroline said...

take your time...I understand completely!

amanda said...

Oh I know how you feel. I had a little time off recently, sometimes it is the best thing for you!

WrightStuff said...

I thought you had gone very quiet lately. Well, we all need time off the path every now and again. We will await your return with anticipation. Take care in your little corner and look after yourself!

Genie Sea said...

I'm with you there. There comes a time when we need to step back and get a better perspective at the whole picture. Best of luck and happy discoveries! :)

miruspeg said...

Hey Hybrid
I am pleased to read you are sitting in the "time-out" corner.
Take all the time you need.
Lots of love and light coming your way.
Peggy xxx

Leone said...

Take care and pamper yourself.

Chapter Forty said...

I hope you enjoy the corner. When you are ready to come back there is an award for you here.
I am thinking of you during NanoWriMo!

Angie said...

Retreat time is a journey I often take, i hope you enjoy your time to regather your creative strenghts.

Hybrid J said...

Hi All,

Your wonderful and supportive comments touched my heart. :)