Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wreck This Journal - Unfinished Business ...

Though Wreck This Journal has finished for almost two weeks now, I've been waiting for this "unfinished business."

From Lesley Denford, my swap partner of Wreck This Journal, I got these beautiful pages and a lovely fabric trim which I'll be using it as a bookmark.

Look how cute is the girl with the orange hair!

And I love the hand print page, especially the message in the centre of the palm – I want to be the hand that holds the world. I’m thinking of having this page framed.

Thank You, Lesley!

And herewith my own swap pages. Among the pages is a little good luck gift (a green "devil" pouch and some buttons) I sent to Lesley for her yea
rlong music trip.

For Lesley's own blog here and for her yearlong music adventure here.


Leone said...

Good for you for finishing. Great pages.

Lesley Denford said...

Awww, so glad you like my pages! I LOVED yours, and also the thoughtful little gift you sent. :)

And about the left hand page...what I wrote in the heart is a song lyric by a Canadian band called Starfield, and I GOT IT WRONG! It's supposed to say "I wanna hold the hand that holds the world". Whoops! I like it this way anyway. Happy accident, I guess. :)

Grammy said...

How awesome you are still wrecking.
I would like to invite you to Wrecking Sisters reunited
Please stop by if you would like be a part of the fun

Hybrid J said...

Thanks Leone for the lovely comments. :)

And Lesley,
What a surprise to have you here! Thanks again for your wonderful words. Happy accident means you're destined to hold the world in your hand! ;)

Hi Grammy,
What a fantastic idea for a fellow wreck stars reunited! I'm hopping over to check it out! ;)