Monday, June 1, 2009

Low Level Irritants

I try to avoid writing post which is all about negative things. And if I’m to write about negative things, I always try to provide a positive solution at the end. But sorry, not this post!

Lately, I found myself going through the motion on lots of occasions. I don’t like these feelings and have been wrecking my brain trying to understand the whys. So far all I could gather is various irritants. I’m listing them below hoping that either it will make some senses to myself and / or fellow creatives are able to pick up some threads here.

Honestly, I’m very lost, very stressed and beating up myself big time!

The Low Level Irritants

- STOS # 3 (draft) ongoing – no satisfaction after finishing the daily writing task

- STOS # 1 (re-write) – only managed to make some notes for rewriting. No actual re-writing done yet.

- Internet Explorer muck up blogging

- Limit access of internet facility due to new workplace internet usage policy.

- As winter sets in, my chronic neck pain is playing up, which means that I'm having low grade pain 24/7.

Can I blame the dark gloomy winter messing up both my body and mind?

All in all, I feel like the equilibrium I used to have is out of wack. I’m off centre. I’m off balance.

I’m sorry if this post is full of nonsense. Anyway, if you don’t see me in the next couple of days, don’t be alarm. I’m trying to get, if not all then at least half or even just 1/3 of my mojo back!

Til then, take care my fellow creatives …


Leone said...

HI Hybrid, I'm sorry you're feeling so lost and stressed and beating yourself up. I hope it passes soon. I have found that sometimes it helps to just put everything away for a few days and "refill the well" as Julia Cameron says. I have a neighbour who is a professional artist and she goes through spells of creating and then doesn't for a few days or weeks, it seems to be a cycle. Hope this helps. Thank you for your kind comments on my purses, I had fun making them. Take care, pamper yourself and love yourself.

laughingwolf said...

hey j... sorry for all what bug you :(

we're having a nasty spring, cold and wet for the most part...

sophie said...

Look after yourself Hybrid J! There must be something in the air at the moment, because lots of people I know seem to be going through this. Ride it out though, it will come to an end.

And I agree with Leone. Perhaps you should just have a rest. Get away from your stories for a while, and hopefully come back to them with a fresh brain.

Good luck.

Holly said...

Well, I can tell you that Mercury has finally turned direct after a long spate of being retrograde. It mucks up communication and all forms of it. Keeps people off kilter and just a hair off their usual. Grumpy, irritated and frustrated. Soon, you should fine that these gremlins that refuse to be defined and so tamed, simply vanish under stairs and rocks once more. Meantime, go on retreat. We will be here when you return and most likely we'll learn from your experience.

Angie said...

Sad to hear you are not 100%. I must admit I am not feeling great either, not sick, but not well either? And ofcourse the creating gets put to the back, but hey what can you do, you must listen to your body, slow down, and take out sometime for yourself, girl secret business! Baths always work for me!
Sending you some healing love energy your way oxoxox

Leone said...

Hi HybridJ, I have answered my interview questions, they are on my blog. I enjoyed answering them, thanks for picking me.

Caroline said...

Something in the air...many others feeling a bit lost. Hang in there...I am sending you warm ((hugs)).

miruspeg said...

Yes Hybrid you can definitely blame the dark gloomy winter messing up both your body and mind.

Its been raining in Sydney for 2 weeks and getting colder everyday. I am over winter already and it has only just begun!! Change of seasons always takes a while to adjust to.

The blogging community will make you smile again soon, there is always someone out there to inspire us.


Hybrid J said...

Hi Everyone,

Such wonderful community I have here in blogland! I'm grateful to all comments and am staying "low" for the time being.

Will resurface to participate the "Wreck This Journal" event.

See you all soon ... :)

KnittingJourneyman said...

We will all be here, sending you lots of positive energy and other happy thoughts.
Awaiting your return...