Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dancing Shoes

Thanks to Jamie, the dance party was a blast!

My party started around 9:00 pm after I finished dinner and some house hold chore. I first put on my silver ball room dance shoes and cha cha along Gypsy King’s Pasajero. The dance steps picked up when I changed into my Red Doc Martin to rave with Anthem music from Radio Air. The dancing bug really kicked in after I changed into a pair of Puma purple sport shoes to do a couple of aerobic jumps. Finally I made up my own dance moves in bare feet and danced til my feet hurt. And they are still hurting even now! But I loved it!

Thanks again Jamie, you worked wonders!


Jamie said...

Woot!! Woot!!

Look at all those dance shoes - one for every mood!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the dance! My heart is swelling with the joy of it.

big hugs,

Kavindra said...

WHat a great picture, and great idea. The shoes go with the dance! (And I am loving those red doc martins.

Dance on wild girl.

Lydia said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Haha, what a fun and creative approach to the dance party. I'm glad you had a great time!

laughingwolf said...

all i did was chacha for my 15 minutes of fame ;) lol

Hybrid J said...

Thanks Jamie and looking forward to another party! :D

Hybrid J said...

Hi Kavindra,

The shoe idea came to me while I was dancing and you should see the mess I have created of trying to find the right shoes for the right music. But I was glad I did it. It was a blast!!! The Red Doc has been with me for more than 10 years ... :)

Hybrid J said...

Thanks Lydia ... I'm already thinking what should I do for Jamie's next virtual party. This party bug really got me. :D

Hybrid J said...

Hey Laughing Wolf,

Good on you! We should do the cha cha together next time, hahaha! :D