Saturday, May 2, 2009

1st Blogging Award

Hurray, I got my 1st blogging award - the FANTASTIC Honest Scrap from Laughing Wolf! I'm dancing agian ... ouch, my feet hurts ... gee wolfman, your award caused me pain! :D

O.K. Got carry away. The award was granted under these rules.

Award Rules:
1. you must brag about this award
2. you must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you
3. you must choose a minimum of seven [7] blogs you find brilliant, in content or design
4. you must show their names and links and leave a comment informing them they were prized with the Honest Weblog award
5. you must list at least ten [10] honest things about yourself, then pass this on, with instructions intact


10 Honest Things About Me
1) My favourite actor is Hugh Jackman
2) My favourite actress is Cate Blanchett
3) I can't park between cars, i.e. one car in front of mine and the other behind mine
4) I'd like to be a witch for a day
5) I can't swim but
6) I can float
7) My eyes hands co-oridination is the worst in the world, believe me
8) I drive a really small car but I keep thinking I'm driving a Tank!
9) I can't walk in heels
10) I love the smell of my dog

Just like Laughing Wolf, I'm unable to choose just 7 blogs to bequeath this award to, so I'm following his pawsteps and offer this award to those who read this and dare to bare their souls in blogsphere.


Sarah said...

LOL these are wonderful. Ackkk hate parallel parking - can do but avoid it. I love both the actors you mentioned - huge ranges!! Ok - poof you are a witch for a day - did it work???
Congratulations on your award hon!! Whoo hoo - love these!! Namaste, Sarah

Sarah said...

Now you have two - come by my blog hon....Sarah

laughingwolf said...

good to know a bit more about you, j ;)

Hybrid J said...

Oh Sarah ... what can I say? You're fantastic!

Hybrid J said...

And Laughing Wolf,

No worries ... :)