Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creative Every Day 2009 - The Key

Something to share with fellow writers and fellow creatives …

Before I started STOS # 2, I knew that my character carried a skeleton key with him all the time.

As I was pleased with the progress I had made during the 1st week of writing STOS # 2, I decided to take a break and went into the city to visit some of my favourite shops. That included "Spellbox". It is a small shop which focused on selling materials for Wiccan practice. I love going through their book section to read about the Wiccan ritual. They are fascinating and I always got story ideas from them. Anyway, after about half an hour of browsing, I felt thirsty and was to go for a Chai Latte when I saw a basket of keys at the cashier counter. I took one out and my story character’s name flashed across my eyes. I’m sure you know what happen next.

As the story progress, the key changed hands. It turned out that my character didn’t carry the key at all. It was his dog which found the key at the beach and gave it to my character.

The story continued to develop and the key took a swan dive into the bottom of the sea when my character went for a swim.

Right now the key remains lost and I have no idea what’s going to happen to it. I think I’ll only know about the significance of the key when I finish writing the story.

So there you go - not only characters in a story have their own minds wanting to do their own things, an object in a story could hop from place to place … maybe I should draw up a map to follow an object’s journey. Now, that's a very good story idea!


amanda said...

I love old keys. Something about them seems mysterious. I love the one in the picture.

Hybrid J said...

Hi Amanda,

Glad you like the key and you're right about the mysterious nature of keys. It opens to the unknown ... ;)

KnittingJourneyman said...

Isn't it amazing the ways things work out when you write and characters must have their way?

Hybrid J said...

Hi Knitting Journeyman,

I'd say I both love and hate when my characters going off the tanget. But they have always been the masters and I'm only their slave ... thanks for dropping by! :)

Leah said...

Oo, i love old keys too and I love hearing about your experiences with the key and your story! A map of the object sounds very cool!!