Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To Emerge or Not

As I'm more settled in The Change,  I have been thinking about blogging.

For months, I hesitate to enter blogland, because:

Where - (The gut feeling is to start afresh) ... so do I continue with blogger or migrate to other hosting source?

When - Blog now while I'm still in the mist of The Change or wait til when I'm more of MYSELF?

Why - Why do I want to blog?

How - How to blog so it matches up to where I am now?

What - What do I want to blog about?

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dolcix regali said...

Do it when you feel. If you do not feel even you have the best reason you will only work out something you do not really like. I give you my own example, the Super Mario cake - I love the first one, I got an order to work out exactly the same one as the first one, I do not want to, but client said the boy saw the first one and want the same one as birth gift - good enough reason - even I do not want to have the same design for twice. I forced myself to work it out - the result is that is not as good as the first one - I know it, others may not know. Stef saw it, and said - obviously that you do not want to make it, but forced too hard to get it done.... So follow your own feeling to create.