Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Cutting Board

The MOs (short for Microscopic Organisms) continues their grab on my mind.  I imagine them slowly coming together to become something.  Perhaps a new kind of evolution ...

20121215 MOs 2
MOs 2 (Microscopic Organism) (52cm/19" x 30cm/12")

20121215 MOs 2 CU

20121215 MOs 2 CU 2

20121215 MOs 2 CU 3

20121215 MOs 2 CU 4

20121215 MOs 2 CU 5

Hope all these MOs are not boring your viewing (yet) as more are coming .... :)

On the side:

After 6 months' of intense cutting work every night and most weekends, my natural heavy handed cutting style finally caught up on me.  My right wrist aches all the time.  I'm now wearing a wrist guard whenever I work on my cuts.  And I'll taking some days off from cutting to give my wrist some TLC.

20121216 My Cutting Hand
My (wounded?) Cutting Hand

Hence a word of warning to all Cutters:  Protect Your Working Hand before you are forced to stop!

Cheers and Stay Creative!

1 comment:

Cameron said...

Your cutting work is intense and amazing....full of passion and dedication....much like you...

Do take care! :)