Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Life and Creative Fundamentals

Do what you can where your what you have

For Life:  Live within your means (a skill which I'm still perfecting ;)

For Creativity:  There is never the perfect time / place / tools / mood to start a project.  Pick up the tools available and do it now!

There is nothing tha cannot happen today

For Life:  Expect the Unexpected

For Creativity:  Relax and enjoy

Never never never give up

For Life:  Keep your chin up and smile, cos Life is BRILLIANT!

For Creativity:  Keep your hands moving

P.S. I didn't make those lovely cards with the quotes.  They're cards which I bought from Myers Dept Store years and years ago.  And whoever made it, you have my gratitude! :)


Cameron said...

Yup...need a good kick in the pants sometimes to wake us up from the mundane....

Consider me kicked :D

WrightStuff said...

I just love this post - perfect reading for making this a creative and happy day!

Her Speak said...

Heck Yes! I especially love that Mark Twain quote--I think that's going to become journaling material. :)

Caroline said...

Hello my dear...oh it's been too long. So nice to read this post today. Never give up. Thank you. xo