Wednesday, March 30, 2011


20110329 Gray Scale

While I was working on my 1st canvas painting (here), I discovered that I had nil working knowledge of color.  ;)

I thought I could kind of visualize my color choices and saved time for trial and error.  The fact was I couldn't.  Either I had to do a trial run on a separate paper or covered up / changed the color several times before I was satisfied.

You thought I gotta be a bit wiser the next time.  Hmm ... yes and no.  Like a little drummer girl marching in front of a platoon, I forgot everything and just dived into working on my 2nd painting.


After I finished laying down the background color and about to start with the girl figure, I found myself staring at her hair and puzzled what color I should use.


"O.k. But it's going to look really flat with pure black.  What about giving it some depth or shading?"

"So what color to use for depth?"

"Some grays or ... "

"Hang on!  Did we just say black hair?  But what about the background?  It is of dark blue and if we put black against dark blue, do you think people will see the black hair?"

The chatter went on and on and I found these out:

  • I don't pay much ANY attention to color til I tried out painting.
  • Not only there's the technical side of color mixing a difficult subject for me, the use of color to represent something is unfamiliar to me.
  • If I want to paint and paint well, I need to develop a better understanding of Color.

I decided that it was about high time that I seek some professional help.  I signed up Alisa Burke's online class on color theory - Color Your World.  The course is basic, simple and effective.  

20110329 Red Blue Yellow

One major thing I took from Alisa's course was her attitude towards color.  She is passionate about color and use color with INTENTION.  This does not mean that her color choice is a rigid follow of color theories.  She encourages her students to have a good grasp of basic color theory and pay close attention when working with colors.

20110329 Orange Green Violet

Alisa also helps me to further understand about color harmony.  "When color is not in harmony, it can be boring and chaotic."  The penny dropped.  This is not only something that I've been struggling in my painting practice, but it also helps to explain some of my unease when I view other people's artwork.

Color Wheel 2

I enjoyed the course a lot and it really opened both my eyes and mind to the World of Color.  Thanks Alisa! :D


Cameron said...

Your inner chatter wears me out! I'm glad you have a game plan...a way to silence some of that...haha!

Just do it...dive

You've heard the saying that there are no mistakes in Art, right? Well, for the most part it's true...for the other times, you learn and apply the lesson to another project :)

Just go at it! Maybe start on 8x10's...not so big that it will take a long time to finish...not so small that details are hard to achieve. The more you paint, the better you get...period! Most importantly, have fun!

I want to see more, Jamie!

Lesley Myrick said...

Hi Jamie!

So nice to get a visit from you on my blog! Glad to have re-connected with you. :)

I loved reading your inner dialogue made me laugh because I TOTALLY do the same thing when I'm working on an art piece! :)

Much love,
Lesley xo