Monday, February 14, 2011

What's Up?

Thought I'd better post a quick update or you'll think that I give up blogging ... :)

This month proves to be an uphill full on challenge.  I don't know why things always happen in "clusters" in my life.  Let's see:

- Just had a dental implant surgery done (got a major crack on one of my molars).  The procedure is not really painful, but all the post-op care and going back and fro to the periodontist for checking is very annoying.

- My laptop is at the repairer (again!)  Though I swear that I'm to get a Mac but because of the dental thingy, it ate up a large chunk of my savings for the new Mac.  Arrrrgh!!!!!

- Got a Jury Summon in two weeks time.  I'm actually hoping they would pick me as it would be a new experience for me.

- Started the Sketchbook Delight online class with Alisa Burke, but since I'm without laptop, I can't watch the video, participate the group work etc.

- Started a new painting practice, stuck at color mixing stage and haven't figured out how to get myself out of it ... yet!

I guess by now, you all get the picture ...  So if you don't see me around in the coming weeks, don't be alarm.  I'm probably doing a lot of running around and possibly tonnes of swearing as well! Hahaha! :)

That's all for now and wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!   (Oh ... and a HAPPY VALENTINE!)


Cameron said...

I always like to read your progress and check ins...though not when it involves an annoying drain on your time and money! Sorry about your tooth :(

That sketchbook workshop looks amazing! Her examples are just beautiful! I love the colors she uses....

I want to find something to join....but I'm still in the deliberating stages...haha!

Take care, okay...and I hope you get jury duty...feels so weird to wish that for :)

Love ya'

Leone said...

Such a drag, I hope things improve for you soon. I have missed seeing you whimsical fun art.

Cameron said...

Miss you! Hope all is well :)